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It was posted on Reddit


That FFBE was getting star ocean anamnesis for it's game.
"Come and watch as #FFBEWW Global Producer Hiroki Fujimoto happily announces the collaboration event with @StarOcean Anamnesis! Don't miss this chance to get SOA series characters as they enter the world of Lapis on July 27!"

So FFBE is getting SOA July 27 *cough* wow they pushed this out so fast if SOA get FFBE characters they will be so OP since the game just come going to throw everything out of chaos.

I don't know if they can use this teaser in EN ver they don't have half the characters used in this yet. And I think it was the 1st hint that Fayt had white wings that was out a lot.

But the rates win they did this crossover in Japan was bad...I had to use Nox to play FFBE trying to get Fayt omg the rates are bad...and someone was saying FFBE is dying...? I don't really listen to rumors but that what they was saying.

I don't play FFBE anymore I moved to FF Mobius the only FFBE I have is the JP ver that has Fayt I use Nox for that otherwise I don't play that game.

But yes SOA EN get them for the first crossover they will be OP for a long time and it going to throw everything out of FFBE is one of the crossovers for Star ocean anamnesis they have other crossovers.

Come to think of it FFBE has not return to SOA JP version yet so whoever missed on them on the JP side can get them now here if they are playing the EN of SOA.

Fina will be the top healer until Rena comes so Fina will be good for a long time and Lasswell is free you just have to pull for Fina and Rain.

Having them on my JP account my main one I don't use Fina that much as I use Rena for her Health regeneration is good for me but Fina don't have Health regeneration unlike Rena however Fina win she rushes she heals the party and that key win you want to heal.

Rain was good for a bit until Rain got replaced by A2 and 2B and Groom Fayt. otherwise the stamps was cute yes Final Fantasy stamps and Rain was supposed to be a GS user however they did not have GS in the game win Rain was out so Rain sword looks like a GS sword win it's not...

Now a real GS user like A2 is slow but a real tank I have A2 on my main and my alt account playing SOA JP and she is good.

will I be rolling for FFBE in EN? I'll try but I'm going to save my gems for Rena and Fayt >_< yes my mind is already set...that way lol.

And Star ocean anamnesis EN don't have the free characters yet like Healer Nel and Prince Claude/Admiral Claude.

all we need now is the announcement from SOA EN they are going with the whole FFBE first crossover that fast and FFBE characters with English voices...I hope they are good.

Are you excited for this news or not? will you be pulling for them or waiting for A2 or 2B? I myself is somewhat mixed of happy and surprised if SOA EN get this that fast.

The 2 accounts I'm working on I'm still testing them if we do get this crossover for SOA EN I'll see what account I'm going to be using for my 3rd account.

Most of the people are saying skip this banner I'm not going back to FFBE sadly to say.
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