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SOA 3D update that we need. [JP]


With Twin Eclipse out it come with some updates that are needed for the game like the 3D update.

However I did noticed win using 3D on Fayt and Groom Fayt they did this...

it makes me wonder if guys always touch there lips somehow O_O uh...who are they going to kiss?...

Do you really want to know if you use them as your favorite? alright I just answered my own question.

The touching lips has to be a thing among the guys now.

"I also have experience of drifting the universe by myself. I was very sad and uneasy"

That was my broken translation of what Fayt is saying and Fayt has one more new line they added to his old ones.

That is

"Eh? oh, is there anything I can do for you? I am happy that you can rely on me"

"The flower language of this blue rose is "love in all worlds". That's a good word."
(Not a good pic of groom fayt sorry)

touching the lips we will never know.

Groom fayt is into flower language O_o looks like groom fayt is very different from fayt.

"The flower language of this blue rose is a nice word "love in all worlds" is not it.
Hmm Groom fayt also says this line looks like groom fayt is teasing now.

So groom fayt talks about blue roses and flower language and fayt looks at him like he's crazy version of wonder they can't get along...JK.

keep that in mind blue roses are special to groom fayt love in all worlds...or not or is it?

My Japanese is somewhat but this is a rough translation I would wait for win they do the real translations for this and Koro has more lines and Koro has lines for the person who you put on your favorite.

Rena on 3D is cute and Reimi on 3D is also cute did I try any other girl? No and I did try there alts also.

I was so hyped for Groom Fayt and now seeing this and somewhat reading the lines of Fayt I think I like fayt more over groom fayt...O_o yes it's a shocker.

And using auto-battle Fayt don't really like groom Fayt at all and I'm getting the
'highlander there can be only one' vibe from Fayt and Groom Fayt.

And it also feels like Fayt has become waifu and Groom Fayt has become husbando.
oddly enough I thought they was trying to make fayt the none waifu element and I think they pushed him back into being girly again I know from some events fayt has a bit of a anger issue and fayt don't really like to respond to girls that much like they thrown at him in SOAXFes event that video they taken down.

however groom fayt personality is 100% pure husbando yes groom fayt personality is a bit different from fayt personality and no groom fayt is not girly at all in his 3D viewer if you use him as your favorite.

And using the Rush Assists that is fun however putting fayt and groom fayt together they somewhat like it they don't like it there lukewarm about it thank you auto-battle for letting me see that.

Another use I'm seeing on twitter is using the Rush Assists to make your favorite couples oh boy that is getting spammed on twitter alright time for shipping wars alright, And also using the whole 3D favorite and touching them you are touching your now favorite Waifu and Husbando people was posting that also.

I know the whole 3D favorite is a hit among guys now I think they swimsuit girls will get some use.

I did a test and removed groom fayt from my party to see if that changed fayt personality and it did a bit...fayt wasn't acting agitated or 'pissed off' fayt was normal but once I put groom fayt back in party it all come back both fayt and groom fayt start acting up on auto-battle again there is some conflict between them.

I only seen the Rush Assist work two times between fayt and groom fayt I put rena on prince claude hoping that would work nope...not even claude or dias.

And this is my update on the whole 3D Favorite viewer I switch between that and the normal one it depends on how I feel.

And no A2 for 3D favorite that's a bit disappointing.
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