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SOA Swimsuit girls. [JP]


"【ピックアップガチャ開催!】 7/26(木)メンテ終了後より、新イベント『紺碧なる海竜の末裔』がスタート! 併せて「渚のマリア」「渚のミリー」の出現確率がアップしたピックアップガチャが登場します! ピックアップ期間は8/31(金)23:59まで! #アナムネシス"

"[Pickup PAWS held!] 7/26 (Thu) After the maintenance, new event [descendants of the Azure Sea Dragon] Start! In addition, "Maria of Nagisa", "Millie of Nagisa" appeared to pick up the probability of appearance is up! Pickup Period: August 31 (Fri) 23:59 #アナムネシス" hmm?...Descendants of Azure Sea that pun at...Descendants of Fianna? *cough* moving on.


Swimsuit Maria and Swimsuit Millie is here get your gems ready and draw for some girls.

Returning banners-

【常夏キャラ 復刻ピックアップ&上方修正!】 7/26(木)メンテ後より水着キャラ「常夏のミュリア」「常夏のソフィア」「常夏のミキ」「常夏のレイミ」ピックアップガチャを復刻開催! タレントやラッシュコンボ威力など、キャラクター性能もアップです! 期間は8/31(金)23:59まで! #アナムネシス
Old swimsuit girls has return.


【10連で★5エース1体確定!】 7/26(木)メンテ後より、★5エースキャラが1体確定で召喚できる10連ガチャが、期間限定で登場! 1人1回限定の10連専用ガチャを、以下の2つの期間で開催します! ・7/26(木)メンテ後~7/31(火)23:59まで ・8/1(水)00:00~8/9(木)メンテまで
Guys banner that will never get a swimsuit >_< the salt is real...T_T

艦長~!Episode2公開を記念して、フォロー&RTキャンペーン開催しちゃいます\(´◎∀◎`)/ 目標RT達成でゲーム内アイテムを全員にプレゼントフォ~ユ~!です! 皆さま!張り切ってまいりましょ~! キャンペーン詳細はこちら ⇒ #アナムネシス #ツインエクリプス
Episode2, follow & RT campaign.

If your going to try and get the girls good luck on that.

And yes Swimsuit Maria is top waifu among the guys who are trying to get her.

Good luck if your going to roll for them.

Story event- Ten wisemen and good that was cute and funny and Michael/Decus and spicy food that music played...Star Ocean 2 OST - Mighty Blow and yes Miki can eat a lot.

2nd event Swimsuit Maria and Swimsuit Sophia fight for Fayt who is not responding to them until Swimsuit Myuria shows up and tells them they got a lot to learn about flirting with guys and in the end Fayt run away from Swimsuit Maria and Swimsuit Sophia who go after him yes they hinted at the 'love triangle' that Chisato hinted about in her event and yes Fayt did get upset at Swimsuit Maria and Swimsuit Sophia who was fighting over him as the girls question Fayt who tried to avoid that this might be hint at Fayt anger issue dealing with girls and yes Swimsuit Maria and Swimsuit Sophia almost did actually start fighting one another over Fayt if it wasn't Swimsuit Myuria stopping them.

Quite opposing on what happen in SOAXFes that video they taken down in that event it was Myuria who was flirting with Faize and it as Fayt who saved him from Myuria and in that event it was Miki and Sophia with the help of Cliff the two girls that was after Fayt and in that event Fayt still showed no desire in the girls at all in fact Fayt was upset about the whole ordeal and even Welch was disappointed that Fayt showed desire for girls and Fayt even got upset at Welch win she called him that...'.....'

But this swimsuit event oh man they even almost made Swimsuit Sophia and Swimsuit Maria to fight over Fayt who still had no desire for them at all until Swimsuit Myuria showed up and did more then flirt with Fayt and got him to blush.

So maybe now they are saying Fayt has desire for girls now after all this time but no desire for Maria or Sophia but Myuria? (that one big teaser)

But yes Swimsuit Maria event has Fayt and Swimsuit Sophia be ready for that love triangle that is not going anywhere soon and Myuria.

People wanted Fayt and romance with girls they got it but not what they was expecting it to be as for the whole Myuria she only did that to stop Sophia and Maria from fighting one another over Fayt so don't take this event seriously I'm not all.

This stop my desire for pulling on this banner I might of almost for Swimsuit Millie but not for Swimsuit Maria it just stop my desire for her altogether swimsuit maria is pretty but after seeing this nope not going to but good luck on people who do get her.

Bridal Maria was all for our character win Swimsuit Maria is all for Fayt even if Swimsuit Maria is top Waifu tier that the same with Swimsuit Sophia looks like she now 100% for Fayt who has no desire for none of them.

That the sad thing our character stop having events with characters maybe they are pulling away from that? I would not be surprised and yes I know of the one event we have with swimsuit Millie but that's all and it's about food.
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