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SOA event story [JP] swimsuit time.


"Since we have found that material we combined it with the stock... ...well, how much is that amount?" Fate
"I got it how about this materiel used to repair the main engine?" Swimsuit Maria
"Well then she's definitely going to find out......" Fate
"Let's do beach volleyball fate on the sandy beach!" Sophia
"Sophia for a moment. Fate is checking the breakdown of the supplementary supplies now" Swimsuit Maria
"Yeah~! Maria in a Swimsuit Right? I'm feeling full of fun!" Swimsuit Sophia
"This is because the leash gave me a big present" Swimsuit Maria
"Also this report is urgent in need and I want Fate to help me with this information" Swimsuit Maria
"Sorry Maria! I was promised to Fate and I am the one!" Swimsuit Sophia
"Sophia don't not say selfish things like a child Maria is doing something importation" Fate
"What your favorite Fate to brake your promise!? The Swimsuit is the last weapon of the Maiden!" Swimsuit Sophia
"But I have to make the report to the Captain with Maria" Fate
"Already the lowest! Because Maria is in a sexy Swimsuit and I'm nothing to you?" Swimsuit Sophia
"Sophia it's Different" Fate
"Well...then dose it mean I have no sexy charm?" Swimsuit Maria
"Maria you are wrong!" Fate
"What the difference What!?" Maria&Sophia
"Uh......!" Fate
"The reason is not clear lets make it clear now" Swimsuit Maria
"Which would you choose me or Maria, Fate what?" Swimsuit Sophia
"Come on answer quickly Fate Leingod" Swimsuit Maria
"What!?" Fate
"You see Fate~ Maria swimsuit is nice but I'm more cute too~?" Swimsuit Sophia
"It's fun if you play with huge breast/volleyballs" Swimsuit Sophia
"There are things you can do before you leave this current play, do you? You know how important this choice is do you not?" Swimsuit Maria
"So go out with me! it dose not make me say it is disgusting there is no escape Fate!" Swimsuit Maria
"Grrrr....." Fate
"Fate!" Swimsuit Sophia
"Fate! Swimsuit Maria
"Fate---!" Swimsuit Sophia
"Oh what kind of fuss is this?" Swimsuit Myuria
"Eh! Myuria it's Maria and Sophia suddenly start fighting......" Fate
"Indeed as usual the prince says it's okay?" Swimsuit Myuria
"What Fate is the prince that's impossible!" Swimsuit Myuria
"Hmm well then I do not need refrain" Swimsuit Myuria
"Well you be my prince today? I was lonely and so alone" Swimsuit Myuria
"Mu, Mu-mu-yuria! What do you mean!? I still have errands to do!" Fate
"It is upset that the stubborn Fate is upset there is no point telling that to Myuria" Swimsuit Maria
"Myuria who is the true abundant in life experience and the charm of sexy is overflowing can not absolutely win against us......" Swimsuit Sopia
"Huh..... that agrees" Swimsuit Maria
"Huh do not make such faces Sophia and Maria are very nice and beautiful girls" Swimsuit Myuria
"Each person was born with charm you should be proud of yourself without to compare to someone" Swimsuit Myuria
"Especially you Maria you can appeal yourself more win you attack a guy its nothing to be embarrassed about is it not?" Swimsuit Myuria
"Appeal yourself......" Swimsuit Maria
"Inviting Fate was a joke my prince is another well please do your best with them" Swimsuit Myuria
"............" Swimsuit Maria and Swimsuit Sophia
"Shell we?" Swimsuit Sophia
"The Deliberation resumes" Swimsuit Maria
"Wait a minute I have not solved anything!" Fate and Fate run off with the girls after him and the story ends

So this hints toward Maria and Sophia ending in SO3 with Fate it also hinted that Maria thought highly of Fate in Maria ending in SO3 to be husband choice as Sophia is naturally wanted to be Fate wife since the begging of SO3 but I think it was more lust with Fate in the start of SO3 with Sophia.

but in this event Sophia says she is 'promised' to Fate meaning she already thinks she is his wife and she lays it thick in SOA that she IS Fate girlfriend.

this sounds so fan fiction like...Sophia still reminds me of Yukari Takeba from P3 her whole actions in SOA rubs me the wrong way...and now it hinted in SOA that Maria wants to be with Fate she did ask him to go out with her leading to SO3 Maria ending.

This is a rough translation there is no doubt they will change this don't take this seriously it was also teased in Chisato event that this was a love triangle and they are still going at it.

keep that in mind if you using Sophia and Maria with Fate in party maybe that why Sophia is glaring at anyone that is near Fate if you play on auto girlfriend is pissed.

I see why Fate stays away from them and hang around Faize now it chaos.

Now this is only the swimsuit event the other events are different like the bridal event win we had that whole VR experience with bridal Maria now that was fun.

It was sad Groom Fate had no story at all maybe that why he did not have a story because they did not want to conflict this? This love triangle they are doing now with them.
it almost makes me sad and a bit upset we paid fully for groom fate and bridal reimi and we get this it sucks.

So they go down hard on making alts of Maria and Sophia to attached the guys but they don't like making alts of Fate in fact groom fate only won because of money real money and then they expect people to go with this love triangle that has nothing to do with our character or anyone else and enjoy it?

they want guys to buy in on Maria and Sophia sexy girls right? but in reality they are going to make them have a love triangle with Fate who wants to do his work over them I hope there is no more alts of Maria and Sophia anytime soon that is false hope since this event it says 'we will give you alts but in reality they will love fate' and all the couples we do will have romance in starting to become...ugh not good.

they keep putting romance in this they are going to be like the Tales series I don't know who they are trying to attract.

It's to the point if they are going to do the same thing as they are doing now I want to skip the events now it might be the new writer they got in I don't know but I don't like this new change they are doing.
but yes Swimsuit Maria event starts off good and Swimsuit Sophia comes in and ruins it with the whole 'I-am-promised-to-fate-I'm-the-one' and it ugh...I don't think anyone was expecting this groom fate had no event and swimsuit maria gets both fate and swimsuit sophia in her event.

it almost feels like that is why groom fate had no event because they did not want to destroy this love triangle however bridal maria had a event with our character in VR that's...unfair.

I'm salty and upset just ignore me and no I don't like romance that much that why win the put couples and do major PA/events with them it don't go over smoothly with me but if it with couples I do like lets say Claude and Rena that is alright but something this dramatic as this love triangle it all 'meh' to me it there for the fans but not for me.

And reading this it pushed me off on using swimsuit Sophia and using Sophia at all in trying to roll for Swimsuit Maria that what it done to me however swimsuit Millie event was fun and cute I like that one over Swimsuit Maria romance one.

and it almost made me want to pull for swimsuit millie almost. and twitter is very silent about this event I think they are getting tired of it whatever they was trying to do it stop people from almost talking about fate but they are still posting about RNG draws about getting swimsuit maira and swimsuit millie but it not that big as usual.

they went from our character and less dialog with us and other characters and focused on making couples and romance it don't feel the same as it use to now it might get to the point where only our character exist in the main story and battles and that's it I don't want that to happen but it might happen.

Ugh enough of that I wanted to know what was going on and this is what I've come up with now win this comes out in NA it might be a bit different they might change the dialog but this swimsuit maria event was disappointing she was made sexy to attract the guys to pull for her but this event says more then that that maria despite being sexy and to attract male players is deeply in love with fate and she will fight sophia if she has to and fate all he wants to do is hang out with faize and do his job....Delacroix is that you?...

So this my rough translation of it don't take this seriously at all it was out of my desire to know what was going on in this event.

About groom fate I think since he has no story you can make one up for him and put him with anyone you want, and if your going to do this swimsuit event have fun.
I just noticed fate calls our character 'captain' in this event in that last event with fed edge and fed reimi that fate calls our character by our name hmmm...maybe its nothing.

but enjoy this swimsuit event and the beach background I like it.
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