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CC2 has a bunch of new .hack ideas.


"We get a lot of requests regarding remakes, remasters, re-releases, etc. concerning the ".hack" series, so here's our response. We at CyberConnect2 have suggested many ideas to Bandai Namco Entertainment (the publisher, AKA the client) in regards to the .hack series in the past, and we still discuss these ideas with them today. However, in the end, the one who has the power to green-light anything in regards to the ".hack" series is Bandai Namco Entertainment. We appreciate your passion and love for the ".hack" series, and we hear requests from tons of people every day. But in order for that passion to reach the people who have control over the future developments of the ".hack" series, we ask for everyone to please send your requests directly to Bandai Namco Entertainment so they can hear what you have to say."




So if your a .hack fan and waiting for a new game for a game that needs much love take to twitter or facebook it all up to Bandai namco publishers what do you think?

I want another PS4 .Hack game or dothack remake we already have G.U. HD so we need the first games remade or a new one.

I'm starting to think CC2 needs new publishers they have ideas it just bandai namco are not into anything .hack right now but I'm thinking some help from the fans might let the publishers look at it maybe we can only hope.

It's all up to the publishers again that the only thing holding anything back right now but this is news that .hack is not dead yet and they are still fighting the publishers.

What do you think of it? it's all up to facebook and twitter and the power of social media.
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