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I mange to get the OVA...but sorry no youtoube yet.

Topic here explains a lot about the OVA.
And I well go hunt on Youtube for it also.
But I saw it at was Good!. Tabby getting shock meeting Atoli AND Shino at the same time lol. Yuri.
But just go to place and that topic and see HOW to see The Dame OVA. Shoot they should MAKE Vol.3 Come with it so we would be asking the hard way...but at lest I saw it Endrance Dropping Saku win Haseo showed up was Funny as at lest the Azure Knights showed up SO did The PK and ...Silver Knight?!...yeah Silver Knight showed up with he didn't talk to Haseo/Sora though...and the Cast of .Hack//Roots showed up...Wahhh I love it but I wish it was longer...I can't find a Raw Torrent yet but I well try.
But Garspard and Sailbus cooking was shocking I wonder HOW can you cook in The World so that means yes! can EAT and Drink in the World (Onto Redo Fic) hehe.
The ending was as it says it was "Returner" Yes Ovan comes back...*Grumbles* at Lest Aina is happy...but over all The OVA is out and at sight GO take a look now if you got the time to do so.
Thanks agin.

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