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Persona Q2


Persona Q2 O_O what?...

Plays ~Laser Beam~ PQ OST


【詳細はこちら】 #PQ2 #p5a

Finally, the latest information on the Nintendo 3DS RPG [persona Q2] is lifted! The TVCM of new information full in the broadcast tomorrow's ' P5A ' is the first release! All Persona fans are not to be missed! 【 details 】 #PQ2 #p5a


Hopefully there will be a nintendo switch ver so I can use my nintendo switch and yes I finally got one that is collecting dust...>_< and it still in the box...>_<;

Persona Q is one of the games I loved to death no joke it made me spend hours on my 3DS and it made me dream of many many fanfiction also.

Now we are getting the first look at Persona Q2 I'm surprised that also on the survey they sent out long time ago I think it was after Persona 5 was out and if I recall Persona Q2 was in the questions and yes I did do the survey they posted.

I think one the answers was on the survey was 'You can get them phantom thieves' that one I do remember being on the survey so maybe people voted for Persona Q2 a lot?

But no I did not play Persona 5 I was not into P5 a lot not like P3 or P4 now both I do love and play off and on but no P5 for me yet. however I did watch youtube videos of it and I know what is going down with P5 however I have no desire to play P5 yet.

Another one I was trying was Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation for the phone yes I do like Persona game as much as I do Shin Megami Tensei ones as for DX2 is not bad I'm not really into it like I am with Star Ocean Anamnesis.

So yes PQ2 I'm looking forward to it and hopefully they might add a nintendo switch ver also.

PQ2 website

Most of the people FEMC is back me I'm more hyped P3XP4XP5 crossover now it good to see P3 and P4 reunited again and the conflict between Akira and Souji is going to be fun if they have one 0:38 but all the voice actors this game is going to be fun and expect more fan fiction from the fan base in the future.

And for the 3DS and no switch ver yet.
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