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Swimsuit Eve and Swimsuit Roddick

Noticed Eve body is more slimmer and smaller breast compare her body to snow eve yes you can see the difference.

Since we got Swimsuit Millie incoming romance story with Swimsuit Roddick if they are going to down that way with there last...romance comedy we don't know.

The first swimsuit guy we get is Roddick

【STAR OCEAN PROGRAM速報】 水着衣装『渚のイヴリーシュ』が、ライフル装備のシューターで、8/9(木)メンテナンス後より登場!コンセプトは『近距離特化の与ダメバッファー』です。 #アナムネシス

【STAR OCEAN PROGRAM速報】 水着衣装『渚のラティクス』が、剣&鞘装備のアタッカーで、8/9(木)メンテナンス後より登場!コンセプトは「スタン特化の準フィニッシャー」です! #アナムネシス

---From facebook----

Beach Roddick (Ace Attacker / Sword & Sheathe)

- ATK +20% (All Allies)
- Stun Rate +80% (All Attackers, All Defenders) / Stun Rate +40% (All Shooters)
- While Beach Roddick is at Close Distance to the target, AP Consumption -15% (All Allies)
- ATK +20% & HP +10% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [
ATK +80% (Self / 20s)

Beach Evelyesse (Ace Shooter / Rifle)

- Damage +30% (All Allies) / Damage +60% (Self, All Close Range Weapons)
- While target is at Long Distance, AP Recovery Speed +50% (All Allies)
- While HP is at 100%, Rush Combo Damage +20% (All Allies)
- Will not flinch while attacking & Damage Taken -30% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Starling Splash]
Recovers 50% HP & ATK Damage+30% (All Allies / 20s)

---end facebook----

Upgrade for Roddick who needed it my alt might roll this time but for my main account I'm alright.

So between Swimsuit Eve and Nurse Fiore people should be covered with heals.
If you don't have Nurse Fiore try getting Swimsuit Eve

But this is another swimsuit event my alt might try one time I'm not going to go crazy over this event.
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