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SOA swimsuit story [JP] and Talk.


So the story isn't that bad it do hints a little of Roddick and Millie it not over powerful and over done like Swimsuit Maria event >_>

Now speaking of that twitter the fan base has lighten up a bit after the whole swimsuit Maria event some people are now saying both Sophia and Maria are both Fayt wife's the battle between Sophia and Maria fans are now going at it again.

I have not touched Swimsuit Eve event because I know she like our character to some degree that hinted win we get Yrian Luxter you got the choice to give him a banana and Eve gets upset she don't want our character being friendly with Yrian that was one of the new stories from Twin Eclipse it was obvious that they are trying to make Eve center girlfriend for our character they tried in the past and they are trying again if you want to know who Yrian Luxter is he that blue hair boy from Twin Eclipse.

And yes Eve calls our character by our name that I did not care about that before they did the same in the Fed Edge and Fed Reimi event Fayt called our character by our name but they changed that and now Fayt just calls us captain and now Eve calls us by our name.

I said I don't care about Eve I know she has feelings of romance for our character and they hinted many many times about that.

I was going to try on my alt to roll this time but I'm going to pass I don't want that Eve at all for my alt.

So this little change I noticed they are trying to slide some romance in this I don't care about romance and they are making couples like Roddick and Millie and the love triangle they made with Fayt and Sophia and Maria I'm not into that.

I think they are trying to now attract girls who love romance like the drama that is Fayt having to choose between Sophia and her 'Big volleyballs' and Maria 'Dominating' body I don't care for that it was hinted in Chisato story they was going to do a romance love triangle with Fayt, Sophia and Maria so expect to see more of that in the future.

However Swimsuit Millie event was light and alright but win they added Swimsuit Roddick they went back to hinted romance it like they are saying here a hot guy in a swimsuit but his heart belongs to Millie but we want girls to spend money on him.

As I girl I find Swimsuit Roddick almost cute almost but win they thrown Swimsuit Millie and having Millie rush after the monster thinking that monster was some kind of 'god' and Roddick going and saving her that's...ugh.

So everything every event Roddick had with anyone *cough* Fayt and Fidel...that don't matter since they are pushing him with Millie now the romance is clear as crystal.
Just like they did with the bridal Reimi event she was with Edge that was clear as crystal.

All this romance reminds me of...Tales Series like win Jude sees Milla and if I wanted romance there is Tales of Hearts but good god I can't even finish that game because of all the comedy romance in it.

I heard from reddit that someone heard the person who doing this is putting things into the game that are 'Popular among young people' but they are making sexy girls like we know they are making for the guys to pay money for this game and now they are throwing romance for the girls who like romance.

And there is a talk now among facebook global and reddit that girls are oversexed and sexy I will tell you this expect more girls more girls in future we had a bad drought between the first EoE event and the first Swimsuit and the first bridal event that was all girls I remember that.


As for the talk in SOA global join there group and look for the topic in facebook.

That was bad and it got so bad Swimsuit Myuria JP voice actor come on win they first released her and she asked 'Where are the guys at?' that was the time they was making nothing but girls girls girls and girls and I think that was about the time win SINoALICE was the talk among people and SINoALICE from the looks of it has girls I'm not too sure if that changed but win I first saw it it was big on girls.

Looking at the history yes they did make a lot of girls for the guys so don't be surprised win you see girls and more girls and in fact one of the guys who make this did like Nel people know that he liked Nel a lot more that why she almost special and I got a feeling that he don't like Fayt that much and guys in general.

And don't forget Nel got that special pillow Nel was so loved by that guy they made this

The Swimsuit Sophia pillow one was was made to draw in the guys however the story with Swimsuit Sophia and Swimsuit Maria clearly says they both want Fayt.

Why do you think it taken them this long to release a Swimsuit Guy?

And yes today I'm salty sorry about all of this but that what is going down.

And if your doing this swimsuit event good luck with it and may the RNG be with you.

I was going to try for Swimsuit Roddick but I'll pass anyways.

I did buy myself a new computer O_O so I don't need to upgrade my old one and putting the cost to buy all that upgrade parts was the same amount of buying a new computer so I'm going to be busy setting that up.

Since I did not spend any money since bridal Fayt come out I had time to save it and save enough to buy myself a new computer it shocked me.

back to savings.

And I hope you have fun with this swimsuit event and may the RNG be with you.

Now I'll say this in design wise Swimsuit Maria is cute she was made to be sexy also I do like Swimsuit Roddick design also if you ignore the story they made for them and try for them good luck with that.

And if you feel that you want to draw for any of them go ahead use the characters that you like and have fun may the RNG be with you.

I turn on my switch and got a few games I was looking in the store win I noticed a lot of otome games that was supposed to be liked among girls?...hmm there not looking at otome games are they??
Nah...that can't be it...>_> *cough* it would explain the comedy romance maybe.
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