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SOA Swimsuit [EN]


So it's Swimsuit Reimi and Swimsuit Sophia like people said it was.

Now Sophia voice thrown me off first she sounded like someone I knew...I thought she was ar tonelico misha voice actor she almost sounds like her but she not.

Sophia new voice actor is Crystal clarke win look at the internet for that name it says she a movie actress who did voice in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens.

I don't know if that the same person but to me the new voice actor sounds a lot like Misha from ar tonelico win it's not Misha voice actor at all...

It surprised me if they did go with a movie actor and not anime or gaming actor and yes it looks like everyone is going to have new makes me a bit worried how Fayt/Fate is going to sound like now.

The characters are limited so if you don't pull them now they won't come out until next year but keep in mind we got more characters coming beside the swimsuit girls like bridal set and crossover characters.

it a mix emotion for me I do like swimsuit Sophia since she sounds like Misha but on the other hand this is still Sophia and I don't like it mixed emotions for me I apologize for that but it going to be chaos win they start translating the love triangle from Chisato event to Swimsuit Maria event the whole romance comedy that I did not like.

Both Swimsuit Reimi and Swimsuit Sophia was nerfed a bit. by the looks of it swimsuit sophia is the next hot waifu among the guys now they like her body and someone did a compare to swimsuit sophia breast with her original body sophia and yes swimsuit sophia has breast job compared to original sophia meaning swimsuit sophia breasts are bigger a.k.a. breast job.

Swimsuit Sophia also makes a note in swimsuit maria event that swimsuit sophia wanted fayt to play with her 'big volleyballs' a.k.a. big breast and she wasn't afraid of using her swimsuit as a weapon ageist fayt and swimsuit sophia quoited 'the last weapon of the maiden' she also said that she was promised to fayt and she is 'the one!' meaning she still wants to marry fayt who still calling her childish, and if that didn't help swimsuit maira starts to feel that she isn't sexy enough that win fayt said she was wrong that win both girls demand what fayt means as he can't answer to that that leads up to both girls demanding that fayt choose between them and now swimsuit sophia throws her usual fits and what surprised me is that swimsuit maria comes out and demands that fayt go on date with her and she also says...something interesting I never caught it until I now after rethinking what she said was 'don't be disgusted by it' wait...hmmm.

Maybe that was a jab at fayt since he never was into girls like the rest of the star ocean guys? Or maybe that a question to the fans don't be disgusted by a man and women romance? or what they are trying to do with this love triangle I don't know maybe I'm seeing way too much into it but whatever they was trying to do it didn't work...the fans was very silent about this on twitter but after they quickly pulled swimsuit maria event down the usual war between sophia and maria fans started back up again with no resolve.

Oh boy seeing swimsuit sophia did bring back memories of her and swimsuit maria event and the whole love triangle they was trying to do.

if your going to pull for them good luck I tried and got nothing good I think I might have to re-roll this account I'm not liking how...Millie is acting on auto-battle toward characters I not going over smooth so I'm thinking about re-rolling again so heads up on another name and another account :P

I did not spend that money in EN side that much yet for the JP side that a whole other story.

I want to wait for Dias and Rena and Fayt and crossover characters to drop on the EN side before really putting money into this game.

And good luck with getting the swimsuit girls you desire and have fun with them and use characters that you like playing with and playing as.
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