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SOA rough theory [JP]


In the April fools event the whole school event if you looked at everyone BIOS they was changed to hinted what was going on.

Back then people on twitter was saying Sophia was salty she was salty reading her BIO it looks like she was upset because Fayt was flirting with random girls and not her.

then come Chisato event where the game hinted that Fayt might be in a love triangle with Sophia and Maria as Fayt never admit that he is leaving the girls upset.

then come swimsuit maria event where they push it more and have both girls demanded that fayt date them however the outcome is...fayt wants to be friends with them just not date them but fayt never says it so that comes to no resolve.

it's also hinted that fayt might be into guys to some point it was hinted in the April fools event that fayt was looking for albel who was ignoring him as fayt ended up fighting random people fayt was more pissed about that.

fayt also has more events with faize and roddick that true fayt is mostly like around them it looks like fayt is picky about the guys he is with not like the girls who fayt flirts with is random.

in the SOAXFes event that was live event it showed that sophia and miki was trying to get to fayt and fayt ended up in nel and clair room witch both was dressed in maids outfit and they got pissed and thrown stuff at fayt not only that cliff was helping miki and sophia to get to fayt, the whole event ends with miki and sophia failing at this event and fayt is not happy at all fayt gets pissed and shows that fayt has some anger issue beside never responding to any of the girls attempt as welch is disappointed she calls fayt a name and fayt gets upset, also before that happens myuria was trying to flit with faize who fayt saves they go off with one another.

in the nier automata event it shows that fayt still has some anger issue and that fayt is worried about faize not anyone else that might hinted what type of guys that fayt might like.

looking at SO3 who fayt was most into it was up to the player picks but looking at all the endings fayt solo one and the ending with albel is the most likely the one that fayt ends up with.

looking at fayt and albel friendship it was hinted in SO3 that albel might of been into clair not nel all the hints in town the npc was saying that albel was looking forward to meeting clair not nel but the PA makes you to believe that something was going on between nel and albel.

I think in SO3 fayt might of had some crush on albel but it never got anywhere. In SOA albel moves from fayt and is around ashton a lot and fayt ignores albel and is around faize and roddick and our character a lot beside the random girls that fayt flits with that are not sophia and maria.

then come the groom event oh boy groom fayt has no event except for that one moment where fayt says '' and I think at that moment fayt dreams of being a groom or a bridal character for someone *cough* that win faize comes around and talks to him and yes another faize and fayt moment.

now looking at all the events I feel like roddick is a friend to fayt someone who he can talk to not a romantic interest since they are shipping roddick with millie.

faize is a whole another story it feels like fayt opens up to faize more then he did with roddick and any of the girls and that faize a possible romantic interest there was many hints that fayt is with faize a lot learning about how to work and hanging around with faize, the line that faize says in bridal event that fayt and reimi are both special to him.

So I think that made faize friend zoning fayt it was hinted in SOAXFes event that fayt was worried about faize and fayt hand a lot events with faize it was powerful hint that fayt was into faize but I think in the bridal event that faize finally let fayt go.

I think seeing groom fayt that made up faize mind to let fayt go that people voted for fayt because they liked and loved his character and people like him. (theory)

looking at the guys faize was a possible and the type of guys that fayt likes is someone like faize looking at the girls looks like fayt flirts with any girl just not maria or sophia that feels like it true in swimsuit maria event they went after that 100%

it was either fayt to choose maria or sophia right there and fayt did go with anyone of them but fayt is still into girls just not them and fayt don't want to be serious with any girl.

that makes me to think that fayt is somewhat bi sexual or fayt is using that excuse of seeing random girls to cover up the fact that fayt don't like girls.

in the SOAXFes event it was shown that win they thrown girls at fayt he got pissed and wasn't into what they was doing even win cliff was helping miki and sophia get to fayt and it also shown in the nier automata event that fayt has some anger problem.

to me it looks like they did a major changed in fayt personality from SO3 and I don't like they was trying to bring this whole romance comedy into this now after this is said I hope they lay off on doing anything else with fayt character and more romance stories with him.

but if they are aiming to attract girls with fayt since people like him it shown in the voting they might do more cheesy romance stories with fayt again.

It almost felt like they was trying to keep SO3 fayt and put in this romance that fayt likes girls fayt flits with them but don't want to be serious with them and fayt don't want to date maria or sophia but fayt is willingly to flirt with girls that are not them, but on the other side fayt is into guys someone like faize who I ended almost shipping them they got along so good it was obvious that fayt was into faize, and yes the whole edge and faize shippers was not happy at all faize got along good with fayt a lot more then anyone saw the hints.

I don't think they can get any worse then this a lot of people from twitter got upset that fayt was being quote 'asshole' 'terrible' that fayt wasn't into the girls after the SOAXFes event it looks like they was trying to please the fan base with the whole swimsuit maria event that backfire on them not only was people not happy they wasn't talking about it on twitter at all this was a very silent event that people didn't want to talk about.

them putting romance into this is not working they need something else maybe that why they are now looking at roddick and millie as a new romance story.

Now if you play on auto-battle you will see that fayt is very picky about what type of guys who you have in party...and I know for a fact that fayt do not like rena for some reason that's all thanks to auto-battle seeing who like and dislike one another.

Win this come to GL I don't know if they are going to change all of this or leave it this is off my theories and events I saw but enough with the romance this is not a romance game I know they are doing this because they think of...Otome games to attract girl this is not working.

people on reddit was saying the reason they was doing this was popularity they was trying to aim at the latest popularity among people I don't know if that true or not but them making sexy girls and doing romance story is 'meh' to me maybe some people might like it.

they are making sexy girls to keep the guys playing this game and making romance stories for the girls they are trying to attract I'm a girl and I don't like romance stories that much.

thinking about what happen and looking at the swimsuit events got me thinking about all of this is is based off my theories and my thoughts people can think differently win they see this events that are going on and what hints they are doing.

you can say this random talk don't take this seriously it just based off what I saw and the random hints they was giving off.

maybe that's why they taken swimsuit maria event off so fast it backfired we don't know.
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