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SOA Maid event [JP]


We know that we are getting maid sophia and butler leon, another sophia and leon banner I don't mind if they put sophia with leon.

【新イベント開催!】 8/30(木)メンテ後より新イベント『夢幻の森の迷い猫』を開催! ミッションクリアで「夢の国の銀貨」を集めて、イベ限定武器をゲット! イベアクセ「生意気執事の懐中時計」は、チャージアサルトのリスクを減らし、敵と遠距離時には消費APも減らすスグレもの! #アナムネシス

Will I be drawing on them?...No I don't want another sophia it's bad enough I got original sophia on both accounts and swimsuit sophia who I never use on my main account, I have to say leon is cute if sophia wasn't on that banner I would of drawn for leon but no.

so more gems being saved again.

---from facebook---
• Pickup Gacha (Butler Leon & Maid Sophia)
Start: 30 August (After MT)
End: 13 September (After MT)

- Increased rates for the Limited Servant Characters, Butler Leon & Maid Sophia!
※ Butler Leon & Maid Sophia will be completely removed from the pool from 9/20 (After MT) onwards
※ All Swimsuit Characters will not be included


- Maid Sophia (Ace Shooter / Dual Guns)

Battle Skills:
- Skyline Shooting (Contract)
- Stardust Aim (Contract)
- Hard Knocker (Contract)
- (6* Evo) Sweep Trigger

- Damage +40% / While Hit Count is at 100 & 200, Damage +50% & +60% respectively (All Allies)
- While Hit Count is at 50 & 100, AP Consumption -10% & 20% respectively (All Long Range Weapon Users)
- While Hit Count is above 250, Rush Combo Damage +40% (Self)
- Evasion AP Consumption -50% (All Allies) & AP Evasion Distance & Evasion Speed +100% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Cradle Song - Beat | ATK x4000%]
Crit Rate +30% & AP Consumption -40% (Self / 20s)

Animations (Courtesy of @yuusu_jp):

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo

- Victory Pose


- Butler Leon (Ace Shooter / Dagger)

Battle Skills:
- Flying Rend (Servant)
- Shockwave (Servant)
- Dancing Sword (Servant)
- (6* Evo) Gremlin Lair (Servant)

- Converts 50% of INT to ATK (All Attackers / All Shooters / All Defenders)
- While target is at Long Distance, ATK & INT Damage +20% (All Allies)
- AP Recovery Speed +100% (Self) & AP Recovery Speed +50% (All Allies)
- While Charge Assaulting, Negates Crit & While Charge Assaulting, Crit Rate +40% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Dark Circle | ATK x4000%]
ATK Damage +50% (All Allies / 20s)

Animations (Courtesy of @yuusu_jp):

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo

- Victory Pose

- Added an option to view current status of Login Bonus
- Allows 10-pulls to be done with Gacha Tickets in the Ticket Gacha
- In the Gacha Screen, adds an additional tab for Event Box Gachas
- Able to attach symbols to saved parties which can be used as an indicator for specific roles, elements etc.
- When selecting an Assist Character, added a Sort option.


★ View Recently Played-With Players
Users will now be able to check who they recently played with in Multiplayer to Follow/Block. Up to 30 Players will be displayed.

★ 3D Model Resolution (apart from Battle)
Users will now be able to adjust the resolution of the 3D Models outside of Battle, such as in the Home etc.

★ Assist Skill Activation
Users will now be able to select between long pressing or tapping once to active Assists Skills in Battle

---end of facebook---

I don't know why after all the sophia we have I'm getting a bit tired of seeing sophia she was the swimsuit event with swimsuit maria and fayt it just...I don't know I feel like I'm getting burnt on seeing sophia a lot that just me people might feel otherwise.

swimsuit maria event is still bittersweet on my tongue yet I'm still annoyed about that whole romance comedy maybe that why I don't feel really hyped about maid sophia.

I'm not surprised they are pushing sophia out again after the whole 'silent' on twitter I think maybe they are trying to bring sophia back in favor of the people and right after the whole chaos that was swimsuit maria event ugh...

That reminds me about her dialog she said in swimsuit maria event...
big volleyballs...and swimsuit sophia said that made swimsuit maria doubt her sexiness not only that swimsuit sophia wanted fayt to play with her quote 'big volleyballs' ugh...enough of that that's all in the past...moving on.

even with her breast back to normal and putting sophia with leon that's not going to make me draw for her people might and I wish them luck on getting her if they want her.

I'm going to skip this banner may the RNG be with you.

Event story-
This is all a dream and Sophia ends up with Fayt yes more romance and they also put groom fayt in this event this whole event a big SophiaXFayt ship heads so looks like fayt picked sophia over maria more otome game romance so it this is hinted that fayt ends up with sophia.

I'm skipping this event on my main account I preview this story on my alt account looks like they finally shipped sophia with fayt looks like sophia bigger volleyballs won and maria lost and sophia was right about maria not being sexy.

I'm a bit upset but I'm not going to let this get me.

looking at twitter there are a lot of sophiaXfayt fans and since they was pissed about fayt not liking sophia this event fix this 100% they are now shipping fayt and sophia as a couple sorry maria you're out of luck so far this game has nothing but couples it feels like I'm playing a otome visual novel full of romance that nothing to do with star ocean except the characters and sexy girls so yes they did pair sophiaXfayt in this event as a couple.

keep in mind win you see another sophia she with fayt now they made it proof that sophia will always love fayt this event is proof that they are shipping faytXsophia now wow I do feel sorry for maria she got...and thing thing about groom fayt that pisses me off people paid money for his character and since groom fayt had no event they pair him with sophia it like they was saving groom fayt for this moment maybe that's why we never got a groom fayt in the bridal event.

And yes the fans that ship faytXsophia are very very very happy that the fans they listen to.

if you look at the twitter page it looks like they retweet one of the fans
looking at the fan page I think that tweet they made was removed the fan page looks all happy and what not but that just one of the fans, they just retweet another fan they are supporting looks like...girls/or people who support girl characters it not hard to see this was done out of favoritism I want to say this not the first time...I would say something else but it might trigger people so I'm not going to say it.

I found 2 more accounts that are friends with the two tweets they posted and all of the accounts might be girl players but I'm thinking one them might not be a girl it there name.
I'm not going to list them you might be able to find out there close friends if you look at the tweets they posted about the 2 people they posted.
Link-Link- just look at 2 people they tweeted about and they are close friends with one another the 2 people have 2 more friends that they are all the might be all faytXsophia supporters I know they was pissed and upset that fayt wasn't into sophia so this event might be for them not us the players not the people who pay for this game but other fan girls maybe. (theory for now we don't know the full story)

there was a lot of fans that was upset about the whole fayt not liking sophia they was pissed and they did this whole event for the faytXsophia fans to make them happy that's all to it and yes I did skip this event on my main account I don't care about faytXsophia at all sorry.
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