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Star ocean...that talk [JP]


So you might of heard that this

Arn't these the guys that SOA was favoring at one point?? they even made characters for them inside the game.

How are they going to explain this on the GL side is beyond me.

Now the last thing SOA was favoring was a group of girls they moved on from the guys in the post above and they was all faytXsophia fans who was pissed there was no romance between them

You must heard about Swimsuit Maria event that was full center that was quickly taken off and they quickly posted a faytXsophia event to please the girls they was favoring I think that one person might be a guy there name sounds like it I can be wrong.

The faytXsophia event lasted a long time compared to the swimsuit maria event that was pulled of quickly in swimsuit maria event fayt dismiss both girls they both wanted him twitter was calling him a 'jerk' 'asshole' 'terrible' you name it so they quickly posted a faytXsophia event they even made groom fayt appear in that event pushing for groom faytXsophia this made a bit upset not only did people pay real money for both bridal reimi and groom fayt we never never had a event with them.

I was always curiously wondering why groom fayt had no event versus bridal reimi who had a full event with edge so this leads up to what they was planing to do they pushed a event groom fayt and sophia if they was going to do that sophia should of appeared in groom fayt event not this maid sophia event it was a last min choice I feel they pushed that random event for the group 'fan girls' who wanted faytXsophia romance and it sucked it was like them giving a middle finger to all the people who paid real money to vote on bridal reimi and groom fayt.

for all that it is worth I don't care for another sophia it pushed me away from even liking her anymore I was warming up to her but no way now.

So they do favoritism like them making a characters those guys
Who are now showing off Catherine Full Body by Atlus.

and the second favoritism they did was the group of girls maybe one guy I'm not too sure the name of that person sounds like a guy to me I can be wrong SOA JP tweeted about them on there page
I'll give you hint look for M A C C O and that post below that one is 2 of the group of girls that did complain on twitter looking at the fan pages that one person did quickly edit there post right after faytXsophia maid event did drop I was unlucky enough to save it but they was royalty pissed that fayt did not even like sophia and boy they can change there tune that fast.

looks like SOA is going after people who was big on twitter and social media that don't count for the people who spend money in this game it felt like that voting that we paid for meant nothing.

Just a heads up this might not be last time we see them doing any kind of favoritism and we see who they listen to win they make characters like maid sophia putting her with groom fayt and fayt it almost makes me upset I feel bad for maria all the hints it all come down to this.

The first bridal set bridal maria event was fun it had little hints that our character was into but this bridal set was them focusing away from our character and making romance between characters that had nothing to do with us and no groom fayt did not have a event that talk that faize had with fayt was nothing.

since they pushed groom fayt to fight fayt in the maid sophia event as fayt turn out to be a mushroom and they really drop the hint that sophia ends up with groom fayt that turn me off I knew win they posted the fan girls they was supporting them not the player base now you see who they listen to it not the player base it's not the people who spend lots and lots of money its the people who are big on twitter.

Can we talk about TGS 2018? The girls I was expecting but them playing a phone Ecchi Game I don't even want to go there people was asking is this...Square Enix? Yes it the look of it I'm am fearing for the games I love especially star ocean anamnesis.

I don't know why what's drawing them to hentai and ecchi game to draw the guys in if they was trying to compare themselves with the tales series that a bit too much tales games have light hints and romance but not on that level.

if it not hentai and ecchi hints it's otome gēmu games for girls I am a girl and I'll never play a otome game and them putting romance into the game like with the maid sophia event and them listing to the group of girls who complained fayt was terrible asshole who wasn't in love with sophia.

Ugh...this is madness don't take this seriously this only my point of view people can and will think differently so this is not a serious post I just had to get this out win I was thinking about
Catherine Full Body by Atlus 'hey don't those guys look?...yeah it's them' and getting hyped over PQ 2 Opening I had to get this post out and more KH3 hype.

So are we looking forward to Halloween? I'm expecting 2 girls and 1 guy that how they usually work a very sexy girl to draw in the guys and a random guy character to draw in the female players who do play this game.

I will still supporting this game no matter how I feel about might be salty might be upset emotions people might think I'm trying to dislike this but star ocean anamnesis is a fun game and I wish they would just lay off the romance and stop listing to twitter feedback on random lack of romance it almost feels like all there ideas are coming from youtube and twitter feedback if possible and how big the person on twitter is they listen to like the faytXsophia fan base who complain.

And yes I'll be watching for the Halloween event hopefully another Celine? For the guy maybe another Fidel we need another Fidel to compare ageist Fayt :P Or maybe even Albel or Dias or even Claude I don't know why but I do want puppy dog Claude for no reason at all if Rena is a cat for Valentines Claude needs to be a puppy for Halloween.

But I'll say this the lack of Arumat and Bacchus and Ernest and Noel and Roger and Peppita maybe Erys maybe Ioshua I think we need more star ocean characters.

I know people want Arumat bad they talk about him as much as they talk about Ioshua and Erys I do want Arumat once they add the scythe weapon it will open all possibilities and open for more characters to use the scythe weapon forget orbs it all about the scythe now.

with all the orbs users I think it's enough and time for them to move on the scythe and them adding Arumat to the game with boss fight Indalecio that will never happen.
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