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With all the hype that is PQ 2 this is the OP for the game

Must have music as for Kamoshida do we want to know "....."

And I do have my 3DS getting ready for this game

And get ready for all the crazy shipping that will come from this game and all the fandom hype.

I'm all ready for PQ2 even if I did not play P5 but I did see videos of someone else playing the game so I know what is going on and people did want PQ2 on the nintendo switch if they did port it to the switch I'll buy it but otherwise 3DS for the game.

So who ready for PQ2?

「PQ2でパーティに入れたい!ペルソナ3・4・5キャラクター人気投票!」結果発表!みんな、たくさんの投票ありがとう! #PQ2
popularity vote are in
P3 Hero
P4 Hero
P3 Female hero

P5 MC uh...not so much liked people love P3 hero alright and people like P4 hero surprisingly.

I think it was also translated from the trailer that the P3 hero and the P4 hero remember one another but I want to see there reaction to the Female P3 hero and people want to know win Goro Akechi will turn on them.
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