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SOA Twin Eclipse 03 JP


【Twin Eclipse CHAPTER:03解放!】 10/9(火)0:00より「Episode2 -Twin Eclipse-」の新ミッション「CHAPTER:03」解放! シナリオミッションでしか手に入らない新アクセや、EP2キャラ「ティカ」を限界突破できる専用リミブレが手に入りますよ!今すぐチャレンジ! #アナムネシス #ツインエクリプス

Twin Eclipse Chapter 03 is out


So far people want that Welch

old news
That newly upgraded Wind sword is very useful I did roll for that sword on both accounts
if you have a one hand sword user this sword is something to get and it has that has (LB5) Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds keep in mind that can stack with other HP recovers if you have them and adding Rena that will stack.

---From facebook---
※ Note that these Weapons will only be added to the Perma & Ticket Banners on 10/11 (After MT)

[Blade of Suit: One-Hand Sword]
- Adds Wind Element to Attacks & Wind Elemental Damage +20%
- Stun Rate +20%
- (LB5) Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds

[Bunny Ravi: Bow]
- Adds Wind Element to Attacks & Wind Elemental Damage +20%
- While HP is above 20%, 70% chance to survive a fatal blow
- (LB5) ATK Damage Taken -15%

[Insect Break: Rod]
- Damage to Insec Race +40%
- Aggro Rate Reduction +1
- (LB3) INT +5%

---End of facebook---

So getting that Wind sword was top for me and that stun is good on it also but chapter 03 is out and I have not played it yet so no spoilers yet.

That bow omg I see enough bows for a bit >_> so yes Twin Eclipse Chapter 03 more story.

I'll post pics of my RNG with weapons later/soon.
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