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SOA welch [JP]


本日登場の新キャラを動画でご紹介! アナムネシスEP2より「ウェルチ」さんが★5エースの新武器「アックス」アタッカーで参戦! こうして見ている分には、憧れの幼なじみのお姉さんなんですけど… はっ!? やめてください!ウェルチさん!分解とか絶対に嫌ですからッ(;`◎Д◎´)ヒー #アナムネシス


So SOA version of Welch is coming to JP ★ new weapon of 5 ace [axe], New Axe that looks like a hammer alright that looking cool.

No scythe yet no Arumat yet.

Keep in mind like Yrian you can only pull for Welch is is not free.

And yes the story did hint more of Welch and Yrian in romance what did you expect? I'm talking about the last 03 story just a little hint *cough* since this takes place before SO3...maybe
Yrian is the long long relative of...don't go there...maybe that why we don't have a playable Welch is SO3?...don't go there... (theory)

you know who I'm hinting at and no I'm not talking about Yrian being the long relative of Fidel they don't look alike at all alright that was a joke gone bad.

Was it confirm that Welch was from the 4D world also?...I mean Welch is in every timeline so...

And yes that area that lab she open did remind me of something from SO3 maybe a bit and yes chapter 03 story spoilers.

But if your going to draw for Welch good luck may the RNG be with you she looks fun to play as but I'm going to pass I do have Yrian and he's alright.

Welch comic up.
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