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"The NieR: Automata event is here! This is your chance to acquire 2B and her Type-4O Sword! Power up 2B with the help of the special log-in bonus, gem sale, and more! #STAROCEANANAMNESIS"


That Type-40 Sword is a must to get and I'm going to roll for it.

New event missions “Oath Upon a Lantern, the upper tiers of “Temple of Elements: Vulnerable to Light,” Eliminate the Geral Horde Returns, and more! #STAROCEANANAMNESIS
Incoming another Nel if you don't have Rena this Nel is good if you don't have nothing.

I have this Nel on my main account on JP side and I hardly use her everyone else in the future will replace her somehow someway.

2B was nerf they removed her light element so right at this moment 2B has no light element that was some nerf they did on the JP side 2B has light/dark elements she was a elemental user much like fayt and groom fayt however on GL they did remove the light from 2B.

I want to wait for 9S and A2 to be released later I don't like the nerfs but they need the money so they might push both out nerf.

the power of waifu is powerful with this one people or guys said this was the only reason they are playing this game so people are going to roll for her I don't want her I want 9S and A2.

I'm going to focus on the sword.

If you're going to roll for 2B may the RNG be with you and good luck.
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