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SOA report [JP]


昨日、アプリ内お知らせ並びに公式サイトにてご報告しました「今後の運営方針についてのご報告」につきまして、プロデューサー小林、運営プロデューサー甲斐からのビデオメッセージを公開いたしました。 #アナムネシス

Quote "It is very unpleasant that this person who made a fool of the user and Tri Ace (Subcontract) as a tri Ace fan is involved in the Anamnesis publicity"
From Twitter Link-

Fan wars??...>_<;

Something to do with the limited characters but this video is another apology video I felt like this happen before so yes this is them coming out and apologizing they don't need to do that but this what happens win fans are posting I tell you the fan base is wild sometimes.

So this video is not about the upcoming Halloween event it's a apology video I hope this don't stop what is upcoming for us in the future.

whoever this fan is it did make a chaos among the fan base somehow for them to make this video saying they are 'sorry' to us the fan base.

I'm just going from what I'm seeing on twitter and people feedback on this so if anyone else has anymore info that would be good and this video I seen on twitter it is a apologize video not the Halloween one we was expecting.

from reading the twitter most people are confused on why this person is upset and something to do with broken user agreement with the (gacha)? I don't know if that true or not I'm going off twitter tweets. (Theory)

another quote is "Is it true that Mr. Okayama vomited his rant?"
another quote is "Please tell me about your publicist. Why do you understand the problem because it is burning?"
another quote is "I'm waiting for the Halloween event. Hang on, Anamnesis."
another quote is "Take out Okayama, the SE employee of the Public relations department. The root of all evils in this uproar is not present. is Okayama synonymous with malignant tumors for the Anamnesis of the present? I think that it Anamnesis Okayama first to turn over mechanocardiographic, and to cut off the rudder, and to be excised from SE."

Wait this is a PR person??...who works at this what it's about?? Omg...
and they tweet about this game and it was a SOA twitter PR person who tweet about this game look at I don't think that was the correct link I think that tweet is gone
so it was a tweet that was removed it something who ranted and maybe said something more about this game.

so whoever that PR twitter person was they tweeted about the limited characters and did more then rant that my guess and this them the video of SE SOA coming out and apologizing for that tweet and people ask why SE are not getting rid of this person who mocks this game and what not.

Alright something did go down and people was worried about spending money and playing this game and worried about that person rant and something did go down I didn't even know about this until today T_T I didn't even look at in the game announcements at all.

So what do you think of this? Good or bad? it was all on twitter.

full story on what went down

this is the Memorial Gacha that people are talking about.

so from the Bunny girls to Welch, to the Memorial Gacha they have been doing that and not only that Machine Rider Precis is in that Gacha a new character and that low chance.

So this leads me to believe that they wanted money fast as possible no wonder they don't have a Halloween Stream and yes the Memorial Gacha is a very very bad move it has the bridal set and the new character at that low chance so it looks like win after the bunny girls they made a move to make money with the low chances it was all done out for Profit they got greedy win they saw the sales after the Bunny girls was out.

I'm going to support this game I'm playing the JP version and I did not roll for the Precis I had the original and I have groom fayt so I had no need to roll on that Memorial Gacha and I did not look at the rates I thought it was a normal not low low chance but if it low that Memorial Gacha is not a good Idea at all it will force people to spend lots of money or re-roll a lot.

So what do you think of this? good move or bad move?

Now come to think of it win I looked at on twitter I was wondering why people was tweeting to FFBE JP that 'SOA was going down in flames' or something another now I know why.
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