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SOA Halloween Event [JP]


No live stream did that guy rant really push them to do no Halloween Stream? T_T

From facebook
[10/25 Gacha Thread | Wolf Albel & Fallen Angel Nel, 2017 Halloween Chara. Return + Adjustments]

- Main 10/25 UPDATE | G(rand) Imitation Ghost Event / Cliff Awakening etc.
Separate Post


• Pickup Gacha (Wolf Albel / Fallen Angel Nel)
Start: 25 October (After MT)
End: 22 November (After MT)

- Increased rates for the New Limited Halloween Characters, Wolf Albel & Fallen Angel Nel!
※ First 10-pull is FREE
※ All Limited Characters from other banners will not be included in this lineup
※ Wolf Albel & Fallen Angel Nel will be completely removed from the gacha lineup from 22 November (After MT) onward


- Wolf Albel (Ace Attacker / Axe)

Battle Skills:
- Rigid Strike
- Cluster Wheel
- Mole Mallet
- (6* Evo) Demon Rend

- ATK +20% (All Allies) & While DEF -20% (All Enemies) / Wolf Albel’s HP is at 100%, Down -30% (All Enemies)
- Hit Counter +2s & While Hit Count is at 50, 100, AP Consumption -10%, -20% (All Allies)
- Will not flinch while attacking & Damage Taken -40% (Self)
- ATK +20% & HP +10% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [High Ruler’s Slash | ATK x5000%]
AP Consumption -40% & Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds (Self / 20s)

— Animations (Courtesy of @yuusu_jp) —

- Rush Combo & Victory Pose


- Fallen Angel Nel (Ace Defender / Dual Blades)

Battle Skills:
- Dark Spin
- Swift Strikes
- Demon Pierce
- (6* Evo) Swirling Vortex

- ATK, INT Damage Taken -20% (All Allies)
- Will not flinch to damage under 25% HP & While HP is at 100%, will not flinch (All Allies)
- ATK, INT Damage +20% / While HP is at 100%, ATK, INT Damage +40% (All Allies)
- Upon a Perfect Evasion, Recovers own AP by 100% & Upon a Perfect Evasion, Recovers all allies AP by 10 (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Venus Plunge | ATK x4500%]
Recovers HP by 30% & Crit Rate +40% (All Allies / 20s)

— Animations —

- Rush Combo & Victory Pose


• 2017 Halloween Pickup Gacha (Vampire Victor/Wolf Millie/Demon Clair)
Start: 25 October (After MT)
End: 22 November (After MT)

- Increased rates for the Returning Limited Halloween Characters of 2017: Vampire Victor, Wolf Millie and Demon Clair! All of which have adjustments made to.
※ All Limited Characters from other banners will not be included in this lineup
※ These 3 Characters will only be included in the lineup of this banner
※ 10-pulls will also grant x1 Halloween Reprint Coin, which is to be used in it’s respective Box Gacha. Contents include copies of the associated character’s Gacha Weapons.Hal


- Demon Clair (Attacker / Dual Blades) Adjustments

- While Hit Count is at 50 and above, ATK Damage +20% -> 30% (All Allies)
- Rush Combo: [Dreaming Jail]
Large Damage (ATK x4000% -> 4500%)


- Vampire Victor (Shooter / Dagger) Adjustments

- Damage +35% -> +40% & While HP is at 100%, All Elemental Damage +10% -> 15% (All Allies)
- When Chaining a Skill 3 or more times, AP Consumption -40% (Self) & ATK +30% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Thousand Prison Yaksha]
Large Damage (ATK x3500% -> x4000%)


- Wolf Millie (Attacker / Arms) Adjustments

- ATK +35% -> +45% & While Hit Count is at 100 or above, ATK +45% -> 55% (All Allies)

- Rush Combo: [Trick or Treat]
Large Damage (ATK x3500% -> 4000%)
---end of facebook---

No live Halloween Stream but we get info on the new characters that are going to drop

Wolf Albel and Angel Nel it's a Albel and Nel event hmmm...first time so that comic

was a hint they was going to touch either Albel or Cliff??...maybe another hint that either Cliff or Fayt will be in this story? (theory)

it just Albel and Nel if I recall Nel is that's guy favorite character the one working on this game he really loves Nel.

I'm surprised no Halloween live stream maybe due to this
and them putting up that apologize video maybe that pushed for no Halloween live stream??

are you excited for Wolf Albel and Angel Nel?

I'm not going to roll for them I'll wait for Christmas or what comes after them.

So another SO3 focus event with no another alt Fayt or alt Cliff yet.

And we got no Arumat yet win the scythes do drop I would like to see a alt fayt with a scythe
and hopefully the Dimension Door will be added to the alt fayt?

who else would be nice with a scythe hmm

May the RNG be with you if you're going to roll for Wolf Albel or Angel Nel.

voiced in the Home Menu major hype for me.

them picking Albel is no surprised Albel did come in second place in the bridal voting and yes Albel did lose to Fayt in that so maybe they are aiming for the Albel fans?? As for Nel maybe that guy who liked Nel wanted to see another Nel again? I don't know about that one or maybe Nel fans ask for her?

OMG Gothic Nel and Gothic Albel wait...must not...wait Albel that outfit reminds me lot of...
Der-Suul but they both look good must not roll.

So Angel Defender Nel and Attacker Wolf Albel I have to say Wolf Albel has cat ears this is not hard enough to see Albel as a cat now.

they do look good that 3 markings around Albel reminds me of something Cliff would have...and I want to put Angel Nel and Demon Clair together somehow.


【10/25(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ③】 本日のメンテナンスは16:00に終了いたしました。更新内容につきましては、アプリ内のお知らせおよび公式サイトをご確認ください。メンテナンス前にアプリを起動していた方は、必ずアプリ再起動の上、プレイをお願いいたします。 #アナムネシス
"[10/25 (Thu) Maintenance Notice ③] Today's maintenance ended at 16:00. Please check the announcements and official sites in the app for updates. If you have started the app before maintenance, please be sure to restart the app and play it. #アナムネシス"

And for this we get a free pull did free pull got nothing good all gold.
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