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SOA talk part 02 [JP]


I was thinking about what happen and how got our free draws.

I think it all started win the whole love triangle of Fayt, Sophia and Maria back then they was big on romance it wasn't until they pushed the limited with the whole swimsuit maria event that win they start doing that that was the big fayt love triangle with sophia and maira.

and SOA was painting the image if fayt being a cold heart person who didn't respond to girls and twitter mainly faytXsophia fans was very displeased they cried out for romance.

then they switched sides and said in maid sophia event that she ends up with fayt that pleased the faytXsophia supporters they was supporting at that time and they supported them on twitter and the faytXsophia fans was very very happy and they posted it that was the end of that.

after that whole fayt ends up with sophia the fans of faytxsophia was drawing attention to them not SOA I looked at there pages and they wasn't supporting SOA like they used to I think they might of gotten what they wanted to drop it and was drawing attention to themselves not the game.

back then I was too caught up in the fact maria was drop and SOA reacted surprisingly they brought out the bunny girls yes the bunny girls who sold like hot cakes they sold and youtube was alive people was talking and rolling for them.

I was surprised that they brought out bunny maria that soon without fayt or sophia in the story they put out bunny maria and bunny mirage they sold at first I thought nothing of it.

then they come out with the small comic of the bunny girls and look at here sophia was in the comic I think this was SOA saying to the sophiaXfayt fans you get the idea (theory)

then they changed it was Welch who was alone people who wanted her rolled for her and then come the dark Memorial Gacha yes I think they drop romance since the faytXsophia fans drop them they drop romance and moved onto the last resort plan witch was money or should I say greed?

but why was they supporting romance? I think they was putting out sexy girls for the guys and putting out romance to draw in the girls who loved romance they was supporting the faytXsophia fan base until now but after the fan girls who they supported on twitter and I look at there accounts they got what they wanted and is now trying to draw attention to them not the game so I think we might of saw some kind of...breakup...maybe.

The Halloween event is focus on SO3 but nothing to with the whole chaos that is sophia, maria or fayt I'm going to guess since romance the whole *cough* sophiaXfayt romance did not go as they wanted it to and on twitter people wasn't responding to it so they might not touch them for a bit. (theory)

but some fans tried to support the maid sophia event with faytXsophia but it wasn't big as the whole sophia fans getting upset that fayt wasn't into girls and fayt was spending too much time with faize and what not and win they did drop the whole faytxsophia romance twitter didn't respond to it maybe the twitter fans they just like that sophia fans was upset at fayt not liking girls and being very cold.

so what happen not listing to the right fan base?, not listing to the people who ask for something else?, not alt cliff?, no alt celine?, no alt another fayt?, no alt groom ashton?

and what happen to Arumat? and Bacchus who was put in the first SOA OP and is still not here?

I'm thinking the Memorial Gacha was the last straw they wanted to push there goals out too fast with that one and it got backlash bad and them putting up with the whole romance did not even help them at all so I think the Memorial Gacha was out of pure frustrations and the desire to get money what they was aiming for win they started this whole romance mess. (theory)

this just give me a headache this is why I'm never big on romance not in games and not like this I do enjoy romance if I desire it but this all too 'meh' to me and I know some people might like romance.

And it the end of all this madness chaos on twitter SOA PR saying bad tweets that got removed a apologize video from SOA team and Halloween without a live stream and a free pull.

was that all worth it??

in the near future any more SOA events with fayt keep him in character no romance even if that makes him look like a cold heart jerk and maria keep her in character she can show off her Tsundere side but keep maria in character somehow.

so this is my take on what went down anything could of made the dark Memorial Gacha but I think them supporting the whole faytxsophia fans that they posted on there twitter page said something and the sophiaxfayt fans not supporting them as they was before they got what they wanted I think it says something right?

so what do you think really happen win the Memorial Gacha was out was it out a tragic breakup between game and fans? or was it out of pure greed? This only my theory anything could of made them make the Memorial Gacha.

so this is what happens win I think of getting that free pull we got and I got nothing but gold so no pics gold for both accounts no rainbow it was all gold.

and I see some people did get lucky on rainbows luck was with them.

I had to get this out another of my theory do not take this theory crafting seriously it based on my theories.

on GL side of SOA I'm waiting for Fayt and Sophia to drop very soon I might have a GL account to show off for the GL account name...

on the JP side I'm farming events slowly and nothing else no RNG pulls.
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