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SOA Fayt and Sophia [GL] EN


So who waiting this morning for the drop of Fayt and Sophia?


Don't ask me how long I've been up I did take a nap but right now it's 5:55 am PT and it got extended again to 15:00 UTC

and yes I'm going to draw for Fayt on my GL account

and yes I know it was all about 2B and people might not roll for Fayt or Sophia

if I do get Fayt on GL account I'll have to talk about my GL account

but hopefully they are fixing something I don't want either Fayt or Sophia bugged so I can wait I have the time but oh my all this waiting it going to feel like fayt and sophia are worth it.

Fayt and Sophia and Luther info

so good luck if your going to roll for fayt or sophia I'm going to try my RNG on this one.

Man Luther don't want this update going out :P JK
NOTICE: The ongoing maintenance is now scheduled to end later than anticipated. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding. *Once an end time has been decided further information will be released.

So what do you think stop this from coming out bugs? voices? removing something?

I hope they got a good voice actor for Fayt we know what Sophia sounds like thanks to Swimsuit Sophia but I'm slowly getting used to the English voices if Fayt sounds off I'm switch to JP voices.
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