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SOA bug [GL] EN


[ Current Known Issue ] Pumpkin Cryptvine from the "Operation: Be a Ghost!" event does not deal any damage. This issue will be addressed through emergency maintenance. We ask for your patience as we proceed with investigations and a resolution. We apologize for any inconvenience.

And they did remove the LB stones from this event looks like they are really waning us to spend money in this game no LB stones in this event store.

So people from facebook and discord EN are farming this event that it don't do nothing this boss says what the known issue is it don't do nothing and no damage.

I did test it myself and it sits until you defeat it.

I am seeing more LB characters now some that are not 2B that's good to see and yes 2B is all the hype among the people yet.

I do have a GL account and I'm working on it and yes I did try to draw for Fayt.

There’s a spooky stream coming, Captain! 👻 Join #STAROCEANANAMNESIS community managers, Nami and Elytra, tomorrow 10/31/18 at 2:00 PM PDT. 🎃 We’ll be hosting multi-player runs, discussing the #Halloween and #StarOcean3 events, and collecting feedback & questions.

Live stream if you have the time it will be on twitch.

the LB stone being gone it is making me draw for my LB stones >_> I am rolling more then I want to and I think that's what they want people to do is spend money in this game.

I have to say I am getting characters I don't want and I am now wishing for gold I know it sounds odd but I don't want any more rainbows since I don't want to use them.

and if you just start this game you might want to start farming events to make your party.

And if you are doing that event with the boss is not moving keep a eye on that win they do fix it with there emergency maintenance win that comes it will be fix but we don't know win they won't leave it like this.

and good luck on getting Fayt and Sophia I might have a GL account now I'm still working on it before I show it off my the RNG be with you.

reddit talks about the LB stones being removed if you have reddit you might want to look at this.

boycotting gem purchases? Wow reddit is going all out on this and it went from one person to many more...but I've already...I'll talk more about it win I do show off my account.
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