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SOA reddit [GL] EN


So you heard right?

boycotting gem purchases reddit players are going to go through it


even win SE twitch said they was going to look into it reddit players are still going to do this.

Chaos fire brimstone...

Now it made a wave between the F2P players and the people who spend money in this game.

I myself will say I did spend money in this game.

win the game first come out it did draw youtubers who posted it not only that people was excited for it but as soon as they removed the LB stones the people was not happy and the people who was big youtubers stop posting about it 2B did draw people but will they stay??

LB stones are a issue they should of made it as the same as JP ver with LB stones and they would not have this issue of players boycotting gems.

whoever made this removing LB stones it was all out of greed on the JP side they tried to pull something like the Memorial Gacha with the low chances they had to quickly fix that win JP got upset now on GL will they fix the LB stones they removed?? Only time will tell.
what they tried to pull ended up in a apologized video on JP side.

So is SE showing there true colors of Greed? of Do they not care about GL?

if they did keep it like the JP version and not remove stones people would of been talking about it but no they had to remove stones to make people spend $$$$$$$ in this game

that was a move out of greed and poor management if they don't fix this it will tell them they don't care and they just want money.

JP side is good no LB stones removed it all good if GL do shut down because of players boycotting buying gems and they want money on GL then JP version is the version you might want to look into if that happens.

right now there is tension between the players who are boycotting gems and the players who buy gems on GL side I'm not going to pick a side but the only time I'll spend money in this game is for the character I want and LB stones for them that's on GL side.

What side are you on? And did SE do the right thing? and will you be playing this game yet?

Myself I say SE has poor management and was looking at money too fast on GL side they got to get money out of there head and look at the community if they want this game to be liked over here on GL side they are going to have to make some changes if not this game is going to die faster.

And I want to know who bright idea was to remove LB stones in the first place that was a very very stupid move and it sparked among reddit.

I like it if it was the same as JP side version with all the nice stuff in the store you can buy with gems and LB stones and being fun now with GL side people said it got worse.

if you have time read the reddit post and think on what your going to do I myself will keep playing GL but if it do shut down I will focus on JP version but I hope they don't shut GL side down I want them to reach JP version with the awakenings and twin eclipse on GL to show that they can make it but the way it's going...we might not even get that way on GL side.

Reddit players are now boycotting on playing this game at all they are that upset about it the complain about players auto-playing is in the past now is the complain about LB stones
I myself is still going to play this game GL and JP.
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