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SOA update [JP] new...


11/8 アプリバージョンアップのお知らせ(ver2.3.0)

『STAR OCEAN -anamnesis-』運営チームです。







Quote my rough translations

"11/8 app version upgrade (ver2.3.0)

"STAR OCEAN-Anamnesis-" is a management team.

The latest version of the app (ver2.3.0) has been published.
※ Please upgrade in each store.
* Please also check the notice of the end of maintenance work (11/8)."

[ver2.3.0 Update contents]

-When the character is raised to the maximum level by "status enhancement", the character that can evolve can now transition to the "evolution" screen.

-You can now transition to the "status enhancement" screen when the character is evolved.

-The layout of the Gacha screen has been changed.
 The resolution setting goes up to five stages only in some terminals, and the setting of high resolution is made to be able to be done up to now.
 * The resolution is limited to reduce the load when playing multiplayer.
 * The following settings are recommended for normal game play.

* setting "5" is a high resolution setting for screen shooting, so there is a case to affect the operation that takes the load to the terminal."

End of rough translations

From what people are saying
Resolution going up and high resolution. Looks like there a few of them still want this game to end you can see who saying it some people are still upset.

My question is will this new high resolution work on the new phones without bugs?
Or will it work on older phones or older iPad's without bugs?

if your playing JP side remember to go into the store and update or if you're using Nox or any apk player to update your game.

Screen shooting? pictures? >_<;;

I'll post a facebook translation on this below win it comes out.
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