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New Info on .Hack//G.U.

This is New yet old info on .Hack//G.U. so I don't own G.U. and yet I wish it was out yet.


The Terror of Death
Multi Weapon

An obsessive PKK, this incredibly skilled player smells of death.
The incredible PKK feared in The World as "The Terror of Death". The protagonist of G.U., he has selected the special class of "Multiweapon". In order to avenge "a certain person", he is hunting the mysterious irregular character called "TriEdge". A lone wolf by nature, he is quick-witted, but he is also bad-tempered, and can snap at anyone. He usually keeps his cool, but at times he is easily provoked. Just what is his objective...?

The Mirage of Deceit

What does this idealistic girl see in The World?
Atoli is the heroine of G.U. It seems that The World is the first net game she has played, and perhaps because of that, she expects a lot from it. While playing, she met Sakaki, who invited her to join "Moon Tree", the guild to which she now belongs. She seems to spend a lot of time with him. A Harvest with a gift for healing, she has a kind personality, which may be why she does not hesitate to contact even the antisocial Haseo, trying to help him.

The Rebirth
Steam Gunner

What is the hidden secret of his sealed left arm?
This is the man who once reached out a hand to the PKed Haseo, and later worked with him. His left arm is sealed by some sort of large device, and cannot be seen. Judging from his words and actions, compared to the impulsive Haseo, he is more the type to approach things calmly. Why did the two of them part ways? And when they meet again, what does Ovan want with Haseo? What is the secret of his sealed arm? It seems that these mysteries may be the key to the story.

The Propagation
Steam Gunner

The strong and flirtatious man who wishes for peace in The World.
He seems cheerful and lighthearted, but his determination to preserve peace in The World is stronger than anyone's. He was once a member of the newbie help guild "Canard", and even now, he is admired by Silabus and Gaspard. What could have been the reason for a man like this to leave Canard? He seems to have played games like this for a fairly long time, and is quite skilled in combat, but as his flirtatious speech suggests, he does have a weakness for women. It is not unusual for this habit of his to get him in trouble.... How is it possible that with a personality like his, he ends up a friend of Haseo?

The Avenger

Ally or enemy? This lady takes pride in beauty and strength.
Pai may have the looks and proportions of a model, but her appearance isn't the only way in which she excels. With her quick wits, great strength, and eloquent speech, she truly seems to be a "fighting lady". After Haseo is data drained by TriEdge and reduced to a small, weak character, when he is about to be PKed again by Bordeaux, Pai is the one who saves him. Then, after commenting on the "dangerous power" hidden in Haseo's character, she leaves. What does she know?

The Machinator

An ever-changing odd PC.
Assertive Saku who speaks in Kansai-ben, and timid, quiet Bo. Completely opposite expressions. This is the character known as Sakubo. The character has only one name, but it seems likely that two people are sharing it. Under what conditions do the two of them switch? The sudden personality change can stun even Haseo.... From conversations, it can be guessed that Saku is chasing Endrance, with Bo being dragged along.

The Prophet
Dance Macabre

The mysterious guildmaster waiting for Haseo at the "Serpent of Knowledge".
At this time, he is the most mysterious character. With sunglasses and a large, muscular body, this mystery man gives off an odd aura of presence. He seems to have been waiting for Haseo to come to a place called the "Serpent of Knowledge", but his purpose is unknown. What does he want with Haseo? And what is the role of the "Serpent of Knowledge"? His calm, logical speech leads one to believe he is an intellectual, but no one knows what lies behind his exterior. By meeting him, what will Haseo gain?

The Temptres

Is the pursuit of strength his only goal in The World?
This elegant Blade user carries a long, slender sword. His graceful swordsmanship is unmatched, and his ability is acknowleged as superior even by the powerful players of The World. However, possibly because of his pursuit of strength, he shows little interest in other people, and his handsome face can give an impression of coldness. He only ever shows emotion towards the small cat that rides on his shoulder. What goal is he working towards...? There are still many mysteries about this character.

Looks some what like an Drak Kite.
Twin Blade

No new Info on Tri-Edge as no one knows about him except he looks like and evil ver of Kite some Rumors was stating that Kite and Tri-Edge are connected in some what we don't know yet...but what we do know is Haseo is after Tri-Edge but yes Tri-Edge has Data Drain but we might not know nothing else about this character until .Hack//G.U. comes out this 2006.


As you can see there some Info on .Hack//G.U. that is coming out that I copy from
If you really want more info there go to there and join them god I love this game so much and it not even out yet but yeah I was not doing anything so I post this info up... so I'll see you agin.

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