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SOA Changes? [GL]


Win everyone is all hyped over 9S and A2 I was looking over character info.

Looking at Fayt and Sophia info.

Take note in JP version for Fayt and Sophia they just copied there info from SO3 not this updated info we got in GL.

Since we got nier automata it the first hint we got with Fayt and Faize there will be some more hints to them until we get Maid Sophia >_> thanks to fan girls of JP who complain on twitter that Fayt was a 'asshole' toward Sophia and Fayt wasn't into 'girls' they made the Maid Sophia event for them and win the event drop well...JP fans who supported FaytXSophia they was happy except it wasn't big on twitter unlike the complains that did come in that Fayt was a cold heart asshole.

The love triangle starts win Chisato and Leon drops if they have not changed that in GL it will be a hint toward Fayt, Sophia and Maria romance but that will be in Chisato event.

The second major story will be win Swimsuit Maria drops that is a hint of Maria and Fayt and Sophia jealousy rises and she wants Fayt to play with her 'big watermelon' no 'big volleyballs' in that event Swimsuit Sophia also says that she 'better' then swimsuit Maria who almost believes her that win Fayt tries to encourage them both and it backfires they both demand what one and they demand that fayt chose one of them.

the third major story thanks to JP twitter they pushed out Maid Sophia event that was focused on Fayt and Sophia except it had Groom fayt in it and he replaced Fayt in Sophia mind she fall for Groom fayt who destroyed Fayt because Fayt inside of Sophia mind was mushroom monster win the mushroom monster is destroyed Sophia is left with words of encouragement from groom fayt and wakes up bed as it was all dream as Fayt comes in worried about her.

This maid event was brought on by JP fans on twitter who demanded that FaytXSophia romance and they pushed for it even SOA JP promoted the fans who wanted it on there twitter but sadly to say it pleased the fans but NO one else was talking about it Maid Sophia did sell except for no one was excited for the romance and win the FaytXSophia fans got what they wanted they start promoting them not the game that what I noticed after Maid Sophia event did drop.

After that I felt sad that Swimsuit Maria was left in the dust but I was surprised win the come out win bunny Maria that fast right after Maid Sophia and Bunny Maria event did not even have Fayt or Sophia at all it was focused on Maria and what she dose.

I think twitter did respond to Maid Sophia I think the Maria fans got upset that they was supporting the FaytXSophia fans and that made them push out Bunny Maria without any attachments to romance.

Now if you ask who shows up in Groom fayt event no one except Faize no Sophia no Maria.
for a split moment Fayt thinks of Groom fayt and decided ageist it but somewhere deep down Fayt wants it that's my guess but no Groom fayt ends up being a Fayt and Faize talk.
And yes the edgeXfaize fans on twitter JP was not happy with this turnout.

in the SOAXFes event they had they did throw girls at Fayt and how Fayt responded pissed off the FaytXSophia fans Fayt was very cold and did want any part of the girls and Fayt part is saving Faize from Myuria.

that win JP fans went to twitter calling Fayt asshole, jerk that Fayt was terrible and the fans wanted fayt to love Sophia so they did the maid Sophia event for the fans who ask for it now win Maid Sophia event drops focused on FaytXSophia JP twitter people didn't talk about it at all nothing it was the fans who was supporting the complains about Fayt that drawn attention but win the event drop no one wanted to tweet about it that how JP responded to that romance.

But they was quickly to push out the whole Bunny Maria event that how they responded to the whole fallout with FaytXSophia romance.

Now what pissed me off is fans included ME who voted for bridal Reimi and groom Fayt we did not get a good event with them they pushed Reimi with Edge and Faize and Fayt and people paid money for that it was...bad I don't know why but the event with bridal Maria was better then this.

I was getting tired of the romance they was pushing into the game that win the whole FaytXSophia event fallout they drop romance and that win the pushed bunny girls and the whole dark Memorial Gacha and chaos happen it makes me think if the whole fallout with romance is what made them do...the Memorial Gacha? (Theory)

with romance they was trying to attract girls who like romance or people who like seeing a guy and girl hook up was bad and now thinking of it maybe that why they changed Fayt and Sophia info to see if GL likes romance or something.

right now in GL fayt and sophia in the info they are written as siblings and sophia is trying to change that it might be a hint to maid sophia event win she comes or the whole love triangle that is swimsuit Maria that event they quickly pulled because on JP side people was pissed that fayt didn't choose any of them and fayt was a cold asshole.

ironically they had maid sophia event up longer then swimsuit maria event if that says anything they was supporting the faytXsophia fans on twitter and in the game but that fallen apart win the faytXsophia fans got what they wanted and started to promote them not the game and not anything star ocean related that win SOA moved on with bunny girls.

right now people are not talking about Fayt as they used to just check twitter and it went down since maid sophia event only the few people who support faytXsophia want bridal sophia so they can marry off fayt to sophia there are a few Nel fans who are fighting the sophia fans for fayt it's not going good and SOA seems to move away from that chaos.

I think someone also said that since JP wasn't into maid sophia and the whole idea of romance or fayt getting with sophia the sales was down or something and another person said less sophia copies now.

And no I did not roll for Maid Sophia win that event drop and I seen what they was doing and who they was supporting it got me upset so I decided not to roll at all.

all this out of reading Fayt and Sophia info om GL so incoming romance that is not good...

All because if I recall they wanted to something that was popular that was among young people or something it was old old old news if I recall and I'll say this again no more romance it just kills of what star ocean is and this is not a otome game.

They was using sophia character a lot she did sell a lot hint to swimsuit sophia but win they pushed out the whole romance with her and fayt people or guys on JP was not happy so the turn out was they pleased the faytXsophia fans who support that but they lost on the guys who like sophia and who spend money in this game.

I think that what people said win the sales was down and JP was not happy with the whole Maid Sophia event and that might also say that the major players in SOA who do spend money in this game is guys who like girls win the bunny girls *ahem* win bunny maria drop it sold like hot cakes that says enough and I think it sold more then maid sophia.

people wanted bunny maria.

Alright all this from thinking of info on GL side and what info they updated and changed.

But going from all of that I know what to expect I know what event to avoid win they do come to GL.

This is for the people on GL who are asking about 'why isn't fayt looking at sophia?' 'why is the info says they are siblings?'

Don't ask that this is the outcome of what JP side tried to do it's not good.

This is all from what I recall on JP side and what went down on twitter.

As for GL side it's going good I might have a GL account to show off I did some rolls the RNG was..RNG but I'm still deciding over the names I think I might have a name but I'm not too sure.

But nier automata is out enjoy nier ocean automata er...A2 ocean....2B ocean.

My the RNG be with you.
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