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SOA new comic [JP]


So we got a new comic that is out and it asks questions Female Claude win?

they just can't do Claude and Dias in a dress and not make them girls can they? And they used there normal outfits.

Come on it would of made sense if Claude and Dias was in a dress not girls is this a bone to the fan girls?

and yes Sophia reaction was priceless and perfect sorry I'm not a Sophia fan.

Now I want to see a female Claude game thanks Fayt now we know what you're doing on your spare time beside VR gaming :P

Geez throw a bone to the fan girls this is what it is just teasing nothing serious.

Come to think of it Claude is on the bit girly side to make Claude a girl that would be...

Now I see what all the DiasXClaude see but if Dias and Claude was girls...would that be more accepting?
*Hint* to the Atelier games and the Hyperdimension neptunia games.

Link- Atelier games because of the girl hints

And the Hyperdimension neptunia games because of the girl hints and romance and people do like Hyperdimension neptunia for several reasons alone.

I can see if they had a Hyperdimension neptunia crossover with SOA then we might get our Female Claude and Female Dias if that ever did happen.

As for Atelier I think a alchemy mistake? That would allow us to get Female Claude and Female Dias but what Atelier game that is the question there are so many.

I'm thinking a Hyperdimension neptunia crossover with SOA would be more easier.

Great now I want to see a DiasXClaude as girls now...thanks game no thanks Fayt for this comic and chaos now.

But this comic is out and maybe it another hint they are passing out? I don't know and it might be nothing just a comic a teaser.

What do you think? Female Claude Win?

looked at twitter and see 2 of the faytXsophia fans are pissed about this comic good otherwise people are accepting this comic on twitter I don't know about anywhere else.

Female Claude and Female Dias I do want them now thanks to this comic.

On SOA defense the Maria pics they are favoring is Maria birthday forgotten about it.

As for Female Claude and Female Dias I still want them somehow.
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