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SOA Milky Stars [JP]


#アナムネシス #福圓美里


【アナムネシス:アイドルユニット『ミルキースターズ』Day1!】 レイミさんのWebラジオが公開されましたよ! ちょっと緊張気味のご様子(´◎∀◎`) 艦長の皆様、応援よろしくお願いします!

idol more girls...Idol Reimi and looking at twitter this...people dislike this already if you read what people are saying...

My question is who bright idea was it to have Idols in SOA? You can't do Female Claude or Female Dias because you want Idols girls.

Fans from twitter is very...not into this idea Idols that means they are looking at the male fans to make money again.

No KH3? No Final Fantasy beside FFBE? No we got Idols.

If they was going to do Idols they should of added Miku hatsune.

Yes Miku from VOCALOID that would of worked but no we get Idol Reimi it might a hint that we ARE getting Idols girls and more girls.

Idol Reimi is cute but no Idol Sophia no no no.

Let's look at some quotes from twitter there post from my roughly translations

"Is this the one that comes out saying that you know the demand of the user? It's amazing. It's not April now, is it?"

"What are you thinking? Do you have a goal for this? I don't know what you're doing. Please do not pollute the star ocean any more."

"You know..."

"The Uncivilized Planet Protection treaty, okay? Is it okay to have heroes in history do the idol?"

"What the hell !??"

"This is not needed."

"??? What's the matter 😅?"

"Where do you put your strength in the operation of this... stupid or not, I wonder I'm a fool."


"Not now."

Quotes from here.

Looks like the fans who are upset at SOA are out again and they are not happy with this Idols.

I just want to know if they will think of...Idol Fayt or Idol Albel

But my guess it's going to be all girls again to attract the guys to make more money.

No KH3 people wanted it on GL side but they put out Idol hints.

This good or bad?
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