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【公式生放送のお知らせ】 次回、公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #33』は、11/27(火)20:00から配信予定です。MCウェルチに加え、小林、たかあきと共にゲームの最新情報をお送りいたします!お楽しみに!(`◎∀◎´) b 視聴はこちら⇒ #アナムネシス


From Facebook--
[Star Ocean Program #33]

Duration: 27 November (Tue) 20:00 JST ~ 21:30 JST

- Various up-to-date information will be discussed during this livestream, including new characters, events and more!
More information surrounding the rookie idol group, Milky Stars, will be discussed, along with the campaigns that are to be held for the upcoming 2nd Anniversary!
Once again, the Tri Ace staff will be joining us this livestream as well.



Periscope (via Twitter):

---End of Facebook---

We might get Idol girls >_> need Idol Fayt or Idol Albel.

And we might get other characters but the hype around Idol Reimi is way too real so it might be Idol girls.

Not very exciting if it just girls or Idols unless it has a guy character then maybe but I would love for another version of Fayt since Maria and Sophia has so many copies why not Fayt.

Get ready for STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #33 and it looks like twitter people JP are still upset at SOA so many dislikes on youtube already and some fans don't want Idols in there game.

But no KH3?...or any other Final Fantasy beside FFBE? No Female Claude or Female Dias? Just...Idol girls...or anything to do with Idols.

It a bit annoying if you ask me and people on witter JP side as asking 'why?' and 'no' and there responds it not very hyped over Idols.

Are you ready for possible Idol Reimi and another 2 girls we don't know about?
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