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【公式生放送のお知らせ】 次回、公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #34』は、12/8(土)19:00から池袋STORIAより公開生放送!桜庭さんによる生演奏や、シークレットゲスト登場も!? いつもより1時間早いスタートとなります!どうぞお楽しみに! 視聴はこちら⇒ #アナムネシス

we know the idol girls was to attract the guys it was no guess.

I wasn't too excited for idol girls and I don't know if they sold a lot or not.

looks like JP twitter is still upset about the whole Shinya Okayama looking at this

JP still wants a apology and more here are some quotes

"I will continue to say the matter of Shinya Okayama until it disappears from the credit."

"Shinya Okayama, I understand that you are waiting for the management to fit through. But I would like to inform you that there is no word about the memorial in the future, so I would like you to broadcast it there."

"Because I was defeated, I see it at home. If there were people in the hall, it would definitely burn, so just do it."

"Is the secret Shinya Okayama? I'm looking forward to broadcasting! Do you say a word of apology?"

looking at youtube and how many people dislike this video already there is no doubt that they are still upset on JP side.

JP been after Shinya Okayama ever since the whole Memorial Gacha.

it didn't help that they pushed out idol girls and was trying to ignore the fact that people did not want idols in the game.

with this type of anger and hate for Shinya Okayama it's looking a bit bad I don't know if people on GL are aware of this going on JP side.

not hints to who we might be getting I'm going to see STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #34 if you see that many dislikes it about the whole Shinya Okayama issue going on that JP is still upset about.

comic is out Fayt is asking for a ice elemental user it also hinted that Fayt did have ice powers in SO3 and Fayt also used symbology however in SOA Fayt lost his symbology powers and yes Fayt and Cliff in this comic bath towel characters hype bath towel Fayt and Cliff...enough said.

now this comic surprised me is this a hint that our character is male? it looks like this is them saying our character is indeed male and Koro hints.

we never saw our main character who 'we' play as all we know is the character has black hair and is male thanks to the new comic we can say the character we play as is male with black hair that's all we know.

with all the first bridal events bridal maria, bridal eve it had hints of romance even with bridal nel maybe that's why they are afraid to make male characters maybe that's why they pushed the 2nd wave of bridal characters into a romance like bridal reimi with edge and fayt with faize.

that's why the main character will always be with a girl because they are looking at guy and girl romance they are very big on that subject that why they also pushed for that crazy love triangle with maria, fayt and sophia that did not work win the sophia fans got pissed.

after they listen the sophia fans and pushed for faytXsophia a.k.a. maid sophia event no one liked it except the sophia and fayt fans twitter was rather not talking about they lost money with maid sophia the male players who loved sophia hated the fact that they pushed sophia with fayt so in the end they lost the guys who spend money.

people was talking about how unloved maid sophia was it was on facebook one person said that move they did with the whole romance of pushing fayt with sophia a.k.a. maid sophia that event did not go good and now we might not see more copies of sophia.

that's win they moved onto bunny girls and they sold like hot cakes and I think the chaos they did with the whole romance not working they made a move to the Memorial Gacha it was around that time that sophia and fayt fans got what they wanted and was trying to put the spotlight on them not SOA that win SOA did the whole Memorial Gacha (theory).

As you can see how the Memorial Gacha ended everyone on JP side wanted Shinya Okayama gone.

I think them putting romance on JP side this was the outcome it just my theory for now nothing but a theory.

Great the new comic made me think of bittersweet ugh...thanks to the new comic now I want to see what our character looks like I want to say black hair and blue eyes that would be nice or brown eyes will work to.

ever since they made eve it makes me wonder why they don't make our character in battle wise like win eve can summoner herself there can't be a reason why we can't control ourselves...that would be crazy or make a npc our character in battle the npc character can share our name we name them but be a npc in battle...
now that just wishful thinking lol.
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