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SOA heart level is [JP]


With the power of 💗💗💗💗 hearts.



account Zero my alt making them like you have to give them gifts and farm and farm and farm it looks like to me they like you and they also aid there partner more then often people on twitter are using this to make couples already the fan base is wild.



my main account Luna level 2 farm and farm.

my party somewhat Fayt is alright with this setup as I said before auto-battle you see it all.

I used one Ace ticket to try to get idol reimi or one of the idols and I got...


Fayt come back again

the game was telling me not to use any of my tickets or more likely fayt was telling the game lol.

"Recently, I feel a lonely Faize is watching me... ...Do you know something?"

"Are you curious about this form? it is certainly cold for the climate of Early winter"

for a moment we see the mature side of fayt omg a bit more into the screen I don't know why for a moment fayt look a bit older or maybe it's the way fayt is looking it strikes me odd...with a hint of emotions that fayt is only showing to us (theory)

It starts the fayt and faize hints are out...O_O we knew it was there long time ago ever since Fed edge and Fed reimi and Groom fayt event a.k.a. fayt and faize alone time.

checked twitter sophia fans are...very very very...silent O_O maybe there too pissed to even trying to acknowledge it?

check fayt fans one guy was trying to put fayt with lot of girls and victor as aid and was expecting some kind of romance and was upset that there was none with fayt with anyone else.

another fan said 'is fate indeed...Lol'

twitter is mixed I don't think they made lines for any of characters to like one another I think this whole dating/level thing is for our character I think this is all player base fan service.

I'm just surprised that twitter was expecting some kind of romance out of this by making characters fall in love with using the aid in battle...

note that edge and faize fans are silent like the sophia fans oh boy...

twitter fans of fayt said they was going to put him with clair, girls and albel and cliff the fans are mixed on who they want fayt to be with.

And this is just fayt and his issue with faize and faize is looking at fayt I never got to groom fayt yet I'm going to do that later.

I give you the power of...💛💛💛 3 hearts

got...fayt to 3 hearts that was a lot of farming

get fayt to 3 hearts fayt will give you this...O_o the first gift was small lb stones this is...

a crystal?...or a gem or something?

all the farming coins I never touch them so this what I got getting all the gifts for fayt.

more better pic of what he said with 3 hearts

fayt new line is "The truth of the power hidden in my body is...."

another new line "Captain, I'm having insufficient exercise recently? I will go out in the battle simulator."

with all the lines that fayt is saying to our character I think that's his real self it made me think fayt was older there may be some truth that fayt is a hard person to get close to because of his cold personality.

with the power of 💗💗💗💗

the power of 4 hearts

what fayt gives you.



Fayt new line is "I already had a battle simulator today. now......I want to stay with captain more" win you are more then a battle simulator to fayt you know you made it :p

fayt new line is "Hahaha! it's foul! There...'s ticklish" O_O win fayt lean forward and pulled back that's what fayt said (I think he lean forward I have see that move again)

Got my alt done

for this fight I used groom fayt I did not auto battle >_< omg groom fayt is so...stiff unlike fayt groom fayt is something you have to get use to but I got my alt done that was painful over my main account.

checking groom fayt to me it looks like groom fayt is not...romantic as fayt is...and oddly enough groom fayt has fayt lines except none romance...that fayt has I hope I'm wrong I have to see if groom fayt has any new lines that is his own. (checked if groom fayt had any new lines nothing on my side)

(thanks to my rough translations if someone can do better please do)

looks like you can max out 💗💗💗💗 for you/you're character. if you like the character go for Max affection but you got to farm and farm and farm oh poor alt is going to feel this. and no I did not get to groom fayt yet I'll do that on another post.

who are you going to go in Affection System? and Who will you pair them with?

good luck on choosing who going to be with who and you.
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