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.Hack//Link Part 01.


Sorry for not being on so soon as I thought I had some trouble with The Cable and my Intel That I wish not to talk about...Ugh Still upset about that.
.Hack//Link! OH-My-God BlackRose might be back so is Kite and Haseo so the new Hero looks Someone From Digimon lol.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Comic kind of noticed Kite has *Azure Kite sign* on his hat and BlackRose is there!.

"yet another new .hack media within the past couple days. Entitled .hack//LINK, the new storyline takes place in 2020 in both the real world and The World R:X. The main character is Tokio Kowloon (last name spelling tentative), a game-loving middle school student who has a normal life until Ayaka Amagi (first name spelling tentative), a mysterious girl, transfers into his class."

"A special hidden poem of sorts reveals:

Good morning, Kite.
Your courage is needed again.

Good morning, Haseo.
Start your journey once more.
Your fury is needed again.

Good morning, Tokio.

Your story is finally about to begin.
It's okay if you still don't understand.
But, it seems like "they" have already set out?

You too, start here.
Now is the time that your power is needed.

".hack//LINK" -The Third Revelation-"
So I'm thinking Tokio and Ayaka fall in love with someone or Something soo I wonder if they well Let US Import our Data from G.U. and .Hack into it I wanna see what happens win we do Import Data into it but What's up with Haseo He is not in his X-from maybe it a Side quest to get it Back?. Man it's going to be bad in his First form once more...
So here is my Theory since it take Place in the Future once more Maybe Haseo and Kite are A.I Brought back by Aura or Ayaka?. or maybe they are Imported Data brought back by someone else?. Geeze what Happen to Azure Kite? and Azure Orca and Azure Blamung and the Key of Twilight?. Wait I thought Haseo was The Key of Twilight SO it's a Possible that the key is not within them...
Ughh I want this one SO badly! so talk to you later need to think of more theories here.
Oh yeah Ayaka PC looks like Princess Peach really and Tokio look like Someone From Digimon...
So I won't be mad if there was a TokioXAyaka in it it well Really go good with my 'Slash' Couple lol. But yeah I'm So happy for this one!.


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