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【ピックアップガチャ開催!】 1/10(木)0:00より新規参戦キャラクター「SRFフェイト」「SRFソフィア」の出現確率がアップしたピックアップガチャが登場です! ピックアップ期間は1/24(木)メンテまで!ぜひご利用ください! #アナムネシス


SRF fayt has arrived there is some things I did noticed...

SRF fayt has light/ice and SRF fayt acts like Edge if you are not a Edge fan I say pass on him not only that SRF has no fully angel wings like Fayt and Groom Fayt in his rush however SRF has half a wing that SRF fayt shares with Edge who appears in his rush...

*cough* goodbye faytXfaize shipping hello edgeXsrf fayt shipping.

I'm calling SRF fayt a alt fayt it said in his BIO that SRF fayt spent a lot of time with Edge in the battle simulator I'm saying something more happen between them
SRF fayt don't even act like fayt or groom fayt at all.

looking at twitter edgeXfaize fans are not happy at all the croweXedge fans are not happy.

no SRF event at all no new event.

positive note having SRF fayt you don't need a ice sword and SRF fayt is cosplay edge not only that SRF fayt is trying to sound like edge in battle.

having SRF fayt trying to be edge it don't fit fayt at all I'm used to fayt being fayt not edge it's something to get used to.

that tops off fayt 3 skills from SO3 fire/thunder/ice we just need another fayt for his dimension door and symbology.

but good luck on pulling for them I'll post what I got from the RNG later.

may the RNG be with you.
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