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SOA collaboration [JP]


艦長、艦長ーッ!開発チームから新情報をキャッチしてまいりましたよ! ダァァァ┗(`◎Д◎´; )┓三 どうやら1/17(木)から、新しいコラボイベントがスタートする模様です! 追加の動画を明日もらえるみたいなので、続報おまちください! 三┏(`◎Д◎´)┛ウォォォ! #アナムネシス


People are saying it's Sakura Taisen a.k.a. Sakura Wars

Sakura wars

few people guessed it's FATE a.k.a. Fate/Grand Order.

What one do you think it is? I'm guessing no KH3 or another FF crossover... T_T

many people want Sakura wars it's a alright anime it has light romance but in Star ocean...I would pick FATE over Sakura wars.

What do you think it is??
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