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.Hack//G.U. TRILOGY 02.


Update fallowing Please Enjoy!.


Ohhh my god Haseo why are you trying to kill Kite?!...yes go AFTER Ovan he the one you want!
eww you look so ugly...Ohmygod Haseo turn into a 3 tail fox JK...
OH my god why did that look like Haseo was chain to the OLD Cubia?!...soo yeah this Movie is The Alter what Could of happen in the GAME it based off .Hack//G.U. The World it seems the Manga version but it would of made a Good game!. but it seems they are mixing both The Manga and The Game ughh Haseo and Atoli this music sound like a remix of Gentle Hands or should I say 'Kind Hands' For us English people.

Japanese Gentle Hands.
Gentle Hands English The Real name would be Yasahii Ryoute but I like it Gentle Hands.
Enjoy now I must get DVD Even it it dose cost about $70.00 in Japan I must buy...

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