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SOA QOL update [JP]


Detailed Summary Up

Please leave all discussions in this post.

- YouTube

- 1000 Gems to be sent after 1/31 Maintenance for clearing the Event Boss on stream

—— New Playable Character: Innocent Pericci ——
Banner from 1 February, 2019 (Fri) 00:00 JST onwards

Role: Shooter (Ace)
Weapon Type: Arms

- Damage Dealt +40% / While at Long Distance, Damage Dealt +50% (All Allies)
- While at Long Distance, AP Recovery through Normal Attack +200% & While at Long Distance, AP Recovery Speed +100% (All Allies)
- Rush Combo Damage +40% (All Allies / 180s) & Evasion AP Consumption -50% (All Allies)
- Hit Counter +3s (All Allies) & AP Consumption -20% (Self) & While Hit Count is at least 50, Crit Rate +20% (Self)

- Rush Combo: [Lovely Dance | ATK x4500%]
Critical Rate +60% (All Allies / 20s)

—— Animations (Courtesy of @yuusu_jp) ——

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo

- Victory Pose

—— New Playable Character: Sweet Fox Caleen ——
Banner from 1 February, 2019 (Fri) 00:00 JST onwards

Role: Caster (Ace)
Weapon Type: Orbs

- ATK +40% / While at Short Distance, ATK +50% & INT +40% / While at Long Distance, INT +50% (All Allies)
- While Hit Count is at least 100, ATK and INT Damage Dealt +30% (All Allies)
- While Skill Chain is at 3 and 4, AP Consumption -40% and -50% Respectively (All Allies)
- While Skill Chain is at 3 and 5, Critical Rate +50% and +100% Respectively (Self) & When Evading, Damage Taken -100% (Self / 0.5s)

- Rush Combo: [ Alluring Fox・Piercing Crimson Blaze | INT x4500% ]
AP Consumption -40% (All Allies / 20s)

—— Animations (Courtesy of @yuusu_jp) ——

- 3D Model

- Rush Combo

- Victory Pose


• Event「Heartful Tail」
Start: 1 February, 2019 (Fri) 00:00 JST
End: 21 February, 2019 (Thu) After MT

—— Event Boss: Skelette De Chocolat ——

- Boss: Skelette De Chocolat
Weak to Fire and Earth Element.

—— Event Stamps ——

- Pericci Stamp, "Nyahoo~"
- Caleen Stamp, "Good work"

—— Event Weapons ——

[Innocent Perrici’s Arms: Bitter Bitter Cat]
- Damage of Spread Missile +20%
- Recovers 3% HP every 5 seconds
- (LB5) Single Target Damage +10%

[Sweet Fox Caleen’s Orbs: Very Sweet Sphere]
- Damage of Phantasmal Blade +20%
- Deals an Additional Hit dealing 10% of Damage Dealt when using Normal Attack
- (LB5) Absorbs 10% of Damage Dealt through Normal Attack

—— Event Accessory ——

[Event Accessory: Fluffy Set]
- Movement Speed +30%
- HP +10%


• Pickup Gacha (Innocent Pericci & Sweet Fox Caleen)
Start: 1 February, 2019 (Fri) 00:00 JST
End: 14 February, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- Increased rates for the newly added Limited Valentine Characters: Innocent Pericci and Sweet Fox Caleen!

—— 2018 Valentine Character Return ——

• Pickup Gacha (Visionary Welch / Sweet Cat Rena / Pure Love Verda)
Start: 1 February, 2019 (Fri) 00:00 JST
End: 14 February, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- Visionary Welch, Sweet Cat Rena and Pure Love Verda will be returning once again, all of whom will receive adjustments!
※ 10-pulls will grant a Bonus Currency
※ The adjustments will go live after the maintenance on 1/31 (Thu)

—— Roadmap ——

- Collaboration - Sakura Taisen (Ongoing)
- 1 Character from SO Series
- Custom Gears 2.0: Gear Refinement

- Collaboration
- Fan Meeting
- Star Ocean Festival 2019
- 2 Characters from SO Series
- New Battle Features

- Collaboration
- 4 Characters from SO Series
- New Battle Features
- New Features (might stretch into Fall)

- New Features (might stretch into Fall)
- Collaboration
- More Characters from SO Series even after Fall
- New Missions

——Version 2.6.0 (7 Feb.) ——

Battle Features:
- Adds Replay Button after in Mission Results
- Enemies will remained stunned during Rush Combos

UI & Others:
- Adds an additional Stamp Page for use (4 Pages now)
- In the Item Exchange, adds a tab on the top dividing the exchanges by type. Displays amount of Event Currency. Display currency locations.
- Increase Equipment Selling Amount from 10 -> 50
- Assist Skills can be checked before a character reaches Lv70

—— Future Updates ——

Battle Features:
- Left-Handed Battle UI

UI & Others:
- Bringing Characters to Battles will also increase their Affection. Bringing Characters with “Like” Affection will increase drops. Home Characters will greet you upon logging in.
- Able to Sell Equipments directly from Storage
- Able to view Illustration of un-attained characters

—— Gear Refinement (Ver. 2.6.0 - 7 Feb.) ——

- New Gears by using other Gears as materials
- Create a Gear with Factors by using Weapons as materials

—— Gear Refinement: What can be done with it ——

- Make more powerful Gears by combining existing ones
- Extract factors from one weapon, and attach it to another
- Craft Weapon Gears (by chance %)
- Weapon Gear success probability is determined by rarity and amount of material used
- Feeding Choice Carrots to the Bunny will allow you to select which Factors you want to extract
- For Weapons that already have Gears, the effects will be overwritten if another is added.
- By using a Special Item, you will be able to safely remove the previously attached Gear without overwriting it.

—— Custom Gear Measures ——

Change to Existing Slot Count:
- All 5* Weapons at the time of 2/7/2019 will have 2 Slots added (only for those that don’t already have Slots)
- New Pickup Weapons will have 3 Slots
- New Event Weapons will have 1 Slot

Gifts (2/7):
- x1 Welch’s Special Grease (Gear Removal Item)
- x1 1st ~ 3rd Choice Carrot (Select Factor Extraction Item)
※ More of these items will be made available in future events etc.

—— Summary of Gear Refinement ——

- Craft New Gears with existing Gears!
- Extract Factors from Weapons (as Weapon Gear)!
- Using 5 Weapons as Fodder will grant 100% Chance to attain the Weapon Gear! Make use of all the past Event Weapons, Coin Exchange Weapons etc!

※ In the upcoming Valentines Event, Gears will drop from the Destruction (50 Sta.) & Extinction (60 Sta.) Stages. They will also be dropped in those staged in future events.

—— Roadmap: New Battle Features ——

- Battle - Orders (Temporary Name)
- Battle - New Charge Assault (Temporary Name)

- New System - Character Decoration (Temporary Name)

- New Mission - Divine Difficulty

—— New Battle Features: Orders (Spring) ——

Order Gauge in Battle which when filled with the cooperation of all players, will be able to execute an Order.
Landing Hits, Rush Use etc. by all players will fill the gauge.

—— New Battle Features: Orders (Spring) ——

[Invincible Order]
- Reduce Damage Taken to 0 for a set time. Allows for continuous wailing on the boss.

[Bunker Order]
- Hits the enemy with a Bunker for set time, after which will blow up. More hits before blowing up, the more damage.

[Hit Up Order]
- Rush Combo Damage Up for a set time. Longer the elapsed time, the stronger it gets.

—— New Battle Features: New Charge Assault (Spring) ——

Certain Characters with New Charge Assault

- SO4 Mechanic: Blindside Assault (Temporary Name)
- Multiple Chant Assault (Temporary Name)
Continuously cast Symbology without Cast Time

—— Character Decoration (Summer) ——

“Decorate” the 3D Model of your Characters! From Glasses to Hair Color etc.
Even plays in Battles and Multiplayer!

—— New Mission: Divine Difficulty (Fall) ——

- Stronger than Supremacy

New Gimmicks such as:
- “Boss Transformation in Battle”
- “Attack Specific Parts of the Boss”

First Divine Boss:
- Gabriel Celesta

—— Radiata Stories Collab Soon——

—— SO Series Character: Bacchus ——

Bacchus to be implemented next month. Uses New Weapon Type: Launcher.

—— Playable Tika in Regular Missions ——

Clearing upcoming Chapter 7 of Twin Eclipse will thereafter allow Tika to be used in even outside Episode 2 (including Multiplayer etc.)

—— Ship Room (No Slide) ——

Planned to be implemented along with Divine Difficulty.
A feature whereby setting characters will grant them various “synergy” effects (stats up, stamina recovery speed up etc.)


That’s all for now. Next up is #36.
Facebook info done.

So much collaborations what games do you think that are going to crossover??

Decorate characters! know who going to be the prettiest of all.

this is major QOL update.

And if you have any feedback you want put into the game tell them.

You can send them feedback and they can tell JP side.

I'm more hyped for the decorate characters.

for the collaborations there might be a good chance we might get another final fantasy maybe we don't know what all the collaborations are.

I'm looking forward to this the collaborations got me surprised.

"Home Characters will greet you upon logging in" 💖
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