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SOA voting update [JP]


「第2回オリジナル衣装コンテスト」ユーザー投票を本日12:00に停止しました。後日フォーム修正と現状の得票を無効とした上での再投票を予定しております。詳細決まり次第、公式サイト並びにゲーム内お知らせにてご報告いたします。お客様にはご迷惑をお掛けし、誠に申し訳ございません。 #アナムネシス
"The second original costume contest" user vote was stopped at 12:00 today. We are planning to re-vote on the form modification and the current votes as invalid. As soon as the details are determined, we will report the official website and in-game announcements. We are very sorry for the inconvenience to our customers. #アナムネシス


また「第2回オリジナル衣装コンテスト」ユーザ投票開始告知のtwitter記事につきましては、情報が古いものとなりますため、この後、削除をさせていだきます。ご了承ください。 #アナムネシス
In addition, for the Twitter article of the "Second original costume contest" User voting start announcement, because the information becomes the old one, it is allowed to delete after this. Please understand. #アナムネシス

Looks like they stop the voting and the old info got deleted.

old post gone will make a new post win new info comes out.

the stealing of the ID are making them do this over again.

time to vote again but wait for more info to come out.
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