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SOA older [JP]


【新キャラクター紹介】 2/7(木)メンテ後より、SO4から『凛花リムル』さんが、杖装備キャスターで登場です! イラストは「エナミカツミ」さんにお願いしました! 手に持っているのはバレンタインの贈り物でしょうか?気になりますね(`◎∀◎´) #アナムネシス #エナミカツミ

[New Character Introduction] 2/7 than after the maintenance, from the SO4 [Lymle], is appeared in cane equipment caster! I asked for an illustration by Mr. Enami Katsumi! Is it a Valentine's gift in your hand? I'm curious ('◎∀◎́) #アナムネシス #エナミカツミ

older Lymle incoming.

incoming older lymle and faize romance sorry fayt looks like they are going for that.

well srf fayt has srf edge for now.

somehow they will add romance for this event.

looks like people on twitter want another faize to go with this adult version of lymle is this for...
faizexlymle fans??

remember SOA is big on romance a guy with a girl or they promote girls a lot so far that's 3 girls for this event.

we be very lucky to get a guy character if they do win the voting they stopped.

good luck if you are going to pull for older lymle or you are a lymle fan I'm going to pass.

may the RNG be with you.
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