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SOA fed edge and fed reimi or prince claude [GL]


So this is a upcoming event for GL.

Fed Edge and Fed Reimi are coming you know what that means.

VR story with fayt will they keep the original lines of fayt calling our character name in the story?

Fed Edge is a almost a upgrade from Maria I say that and fed Edge is quickly forgotten win awaken Maria comes.

Fed Reimi is a wind mage if I recall she a good if you need a wind element or don't have wind weapons but Cyril will quickly replace her.

if you like them pull for them I have both on my main account I do use Fed Edge but... on JP side both Fed Edge and Fed Reimi are replaced.

this VR story that we are doing with Fayt is the start of SRF Fayt...or it will be the start of that.

SRF Fayt you ask??

SRF Fayt "Yess!"
Me "Not yet"

keep in mind on JP side SRF fayt has no event so...we don't know what happen to that.

but it said in SRF fayt BIO that it hinted that his 'father was alive' and he spent most of his time with Edge in the VR world so it was also hinted on twitter that SRF Fayt was from a different Alt world so you can say SRF fayt is what 'if' fayt had a normal life with edge.

since SRF Fayt has no event they can bring them out any time they want to.

SRF fayt compared to Groom fayt I say Groom fayt is more fun to play as I did play as him farming on my alt he is way more fun then SRF fayt is as for original fayt on GL you have to move and move on JP side ever since fayt awakening fayt has been fun to play as his long rang attack is good and his air dodge that is something I'm use to how many times on GL I tried to use...Air Dodge...T_T

this VR story will also hint who fayt is now spending time with...*cough* faize so it starts....

but I might pull for fed edge on GL I don't really care for fed reimi but whatever comes.

I do need to show off my GL account I'll think about it.

but having awakening on JP we need awakenings on GL soon I miss that so no awakening on GL yet made me play not on auto that much on boss fights so it move, to side move to right move away from AOE fun fun times.

if you are pulling for them may the RNG be with you I might try for fed edge.

if it not fed edge or fed reimi it might be prince claude, Prince Claude is a caster he's not that bad fire/ice spell you can say Prince Claude is a upgrade from Ronyx for now.
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