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All the drama [JP]


I was wondering why what was going on...

動画の通り復帰はありません ※フォロワーの方お手数おかけします。フォロー外しておいていただけたらと思います @yuusu_104が移動先です 伝書鳩はまずしませんし、普通に色んなゲームやリアルを呟くだけの垢になってます。フォローしていただければフォロバします。今後とも宜しくされる方は是非!
"There is no return as the video. I'm sorry ※ for your followers. The carrier pigeon is not the first to be moved but I think if you have to leave the follow off @yuusu_104, it becomes the dirt only to murmur the various games and real normal. If you follow, you will be follower. Those who will be your regards in the future come!"

if you looked at that twitter you will see some leaked info going on and tweets about the game and what is going on.

JP is not feeling very hot right now win this info drop it had to do with leaked info and rushes and how the game is right down to the point bugs that need to be fixed to what the producer tweets and to selling some unofficial merchandise.

so much drama going on all of that was leaked.

anyone remembers the dark memorial gacha? that was not good that's win all the negative emotions start coming up.


attendees were asked not to leak but it leaked.


all from the dark memorial gacha this is what it come to.

for a long time JP wanted someone fired JP was out for blood but was this what they wanted?

you can see all the hate and down votes win they did a youtube stream JP was still upset about the whole dark memorial gacha and wanting someone fried.

What do this mean for SOA?...not good at right now JP is very silent about this and if you look at the support for SOA at the moment

look at low the tweets are JP is not doing good at the moment.

some of the fans on JP side are upset angry and hurt about all this info coming out I think the fan base was hit hard this time.

some of the leaked info that did come out that was a leak.

how is SOA JP going to handle this?? We don't know people want some answers now.
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