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SOA acknowledgment [JP]


"運営プロデューサーの甲斐です。 皆さまから多く頂いているお問い合わせの件について、本日中にお知らせを出す準備を進めております。 皆さまにはご心配とご不安をおかけして誠に申し訳ございません。 #アナムネシス"

"It is worth the management producer. We are preparing to inform you about the inquiries that we have received from you today. We are very sorry for your concern and anxiety. #アナムネシス"

acknowledgment! they are finally going to tell us and yes people was worried and anxious about it.

艦長!2003年2月27日は「スターオーシャン Till the End of Time (SO3)」の発売日です! 記念として本日14:00から明日13:59までの期間限定で「フェイト」さん、「ソフィア」さん、いずれかが10連で1体確定の1人1回の記念ピックアップガチャを開催中!期間が短いのでご注意ください! #アナムネシス

people was so worried on JP side it wasn't funny and you can see how many people retweeted that so fast they love this game.

for more info on what JP was worried about.

there are so many questions right now on JP side and what is going to happen and all the leaked info and all that drama yeah.

this makes happy they acknowledge it people was doubtful bad fans was hurt.

so yes SO3 banner is up it's fayt we need all fayt banner with groom fayt and srf fayt that might of worked.

looks some people want Shuichi Kobayashi to go yes JP wants him gone.

wow what is going on JP fans just drop again

Quotes from twitter

"Without any evidence, "I'm not doing it" is no longer acceptable."

"There is no crime in the people who got the original reproduction I do not know around here, or rather "I'm not bad! State, but from the company "Why do you have to have a spill prohibited goods? I got it from somewhere. " It's gilty."

"The act of crossing the prohibited goods (even if it is a waste) is an act to ruin the credibility of the company named the contract, and it is a fire case clearly. I want everyone to know that it is the same level as the video case of Kurushi."

"So even if you say you want to make the game interesting and solve it, personally it's already interesting because I don't know how I can go back to enjoy it..."

"[Tweet indefinite stop] I heard a lot of opinions about the tweet about the other day's anamnesis burning. I am very sorry that I made an unpleasant thought by the thing which I thought that I should fulfill the accountability as the organizer side. Take this tweet and remove the name of the tri-ace Friend's association. Follow"

there are some of the tweets I've translated roughly I'm not going to name them you can find them on twitter so something did happen looks like

Without any evidence, "I'm not doing it"

Was that real?? well...that I see why a lot fans drop there twitter accounts.
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