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SOA voting resume [JP]


こんにちは。 明日のメンテ中にアプリ2.6.1のアップデートを予定しております。 中断している「オリジナル衣装コンテスト」の投票をアプリ内で出来る機能を実装しますが、投票再開は最終調整中です。 今月中の再開を目指して対応進めております。お待たせして申し訳ありません。 #アナムネシス

"Hello. We are planning to update the app 2.6.1 during the maintenance of tomorrow. We will implement the ability to vote for the original costume contest in the app, but the voting resume is in the final adjustment. We are working to support the resumption of this month. I'm sorry to keep you waiting. #アナムネシス"


Voting is resume good news very good news.

more time to vote for fayt/fate/フェイト

さらにメンテ中に一部の不具合修正も予定しております。 公開中の「[1回限定]コラボ記念支援セット」に含まれるプラチナスレッドが所持アイテム欄に正しく表示されない不具合があり、修正いたします。 詳細はお知らせもご確認ください。 ご迷惑をおかけし、大変申し訳ございません。 #アナムネシス
"In addition, some bug fixes are planned during maintenance. There is a problem that the platinum thread included in the "[one-time limited] collaboration commemoration support set" in the public is not displayed correctly in the Possession item column, and we correct it. For details, please check the information. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. #アナムネシス"


また、2.6.1のアップデートで武器ファクターのロックアイコンの表示方法が改善されます。 上限解放しないとロックアイコンが表示されない仕様になっておりましたが、上限解放しなくてもロックアイコンが見られるように改修いたします。 #アナムネシス
In addition, the 2.6.1 update will improve the way the weapon factor lock icon is displayed. The lock icon is not displayed when the upper limit is not released, but the lock icon is renovated to be seen even if the upper limit is not released. #アナムネシス

Update coming soon and time to vote again make sure you are ready to vote.

voting is for JP if you are on JP it's time to vote.

so much apologizing JP is still upset the people who are on twitter want Kobayashi gone there hate for him is real they want him gone and people are trying to stick up for Takaaki Kai.

drama going on alright lot of people on twitter are still saying SOA is burning and the game is dead and whatnot.

between Kobayashi and Kai I want to know who the one who said "Without any evidence, "I'm not doing it" that lost a lot of fans win they said that on JP that why people are so salty and negative.

I wonder why they was apologizing so much there apologize was not working at all even win they tweet they are trying to apologize.
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