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Voting [JP]


---From facebook---

— 2nd Original Costume Contest Voting・Reopening —

Start: 14 March, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 25 March, 2019 (Mon) 12:00 JST

- Voting to be done in-game instead of an external site.
- Only one vote per player. Multiple votes not allowed.
- Tallied votes from before the suspension ( 2019/1/31 (Thu) After MT ~ 2019/2/1 (Fri) 12:00 JST ) have been wiped. Players who have previously voted will have to vote again.

[How to Vote]
1) On the banner section of the Home Screen, tap on the Voting Banner.
2) Select your desired voting candidate
3) Tap on the「 投票 (Vote) 」button at the bottom of the screen.

※ For those unaware, the voting originally began on 31 January 2019 (Thu) After MT but was suspended a day later on 1 February 2019 (Fri) 12:00 JST due to certain issues. This voting was part of the 2nd Original Costume Contest held during the 2nd Anniversary.

----End of facebook----

time to vote for フェイト/Fate again.

that outfit for フェイト/Fate was nice he really looked like a prince I hope it is that one again.

honestly I'm more hyped about the voting then the crossover with attack on titan I never did really farm that event sadly...I know people on twitter said the boss was ugly...but...

the certain issues that stop the last voting was people ID's was getting stolen that's why they stop it people was talking about it on twitter.

that's why we are voting again this time inside the game.

I'm staring to call fate/フェイト by his JP name not his English name fayt and going back on GL seeing his name as fayt it just...odd.

good luck on the one you want to vote for.

celine don't have a alt yet I might of voted for her if fate was not on the voting must have...another alt fate/フェイト.

If you are on JP side get ready to vote again.


Hello. The user vote of "The second original costume contest" which had been interrupted is scheduled to resume after maintenance on March 14 (Thu). Based on your comments, we have made several corrections, including the prevention of overlapping ballots, to reflect the votes of those who participate. The contents are described in the announcement. #アナムネシス
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