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Voting [JP]


皆さんこんばんは。 イラコンへの投票ありがとうございました! 総投票数11032票で1位~3位まで接戦でした。 現在はスクエニ賞など、各賞の選出を行っていて、各賞の発表含めて来月中に発表させていただく予定でいます。 結果発表まで少々お待ちください。 #アナムネシス

Good evening everyone. Thank you very much for your vote! Total votes 11032 votes It was a close match from 1st to 3rd place. Currently, the Square Gamers Award, including the awards, is scheduled to be announced in the next month, including the announcement of the awards. Please wait a little until the results are announced. #アナムネシス

11032 votes 😳 what? I'm surprised some fans who hate this is upset on twitter right now.

*sigh* yes the fans who want that guy gone.

ignore all the negative that is on twitter I'm excited for this.

so get ready for next month.

Who do you think who the top 3 are?
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