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SOA Radiata Stories Collab [JP]


-----From facebook----
• Radiata Stories Collab Pickup Gacha (Jack / Ridley)
Start: 28 March, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 18 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- Increased rates for the newly added Limited Collab Characters: Jack Russell and Ridley Silverlake!
※ Jack and Ridley will be completely removed from the pool from 18 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT onwards
※ Jack and Ridley are not subject to Affection Feature.
※ Blue Sphere Claude, Blue Sphere Rena, and all Idol Characters not included in this lineup.

—— New Collab Character : Jack Russell ——

Role: Attacker (Ace)
Weapon Type: One-Hand Sword

[Battle Skills]
- Robe Return
- Jack Kick
- Upward Slice
- (6* Evo) Beastlord Thrust

[Talent 1 : Full of Energy]
- ATK +40% / While HP is at 100%, ATK +70% (All Allies)

[Talent 2 : Sister-Taught Swordsmanship]
- Absorbs 5% of Damage Dealt through Normal Attacks / While at Close Distance, Absorbs 15% of Damage Dealt through Normal Attacks (All Allies)

[Talent 3 : Bravery]
- While HP is at 100%, Stun Rate +30% (All Allies)
- While Stunned, Critical Rate Received +50% (All Enemies)

[Talent 4 : Son of the Dragon Slayer]
- While at Close Distance, AP Recovery Speed through Normal Attack +100% (All Allies)

[Rush Combo : Limit Exceed | ATK x4500%]
- ATK Damage Dealt +60% (All Allies / 20s)

—— New Collab Character : Ridley Silverlake ——

Role: Attacker (Ace)
Weapon Type: Axe

[Battle Skills]
- Downward Thrust
- Earth Splitter
- Swinging Revolution
- (6* Evo) Swinging Beat

[Talent 1 : Daughter to the Great Eagle of the North]
- While Hit Count is over 300, increases ATK buff by [Earth Splitter] to ATK +40% (Self)

[Talent 2 : Overprotective Father]
- When using Normal Attack, adds an additional hit dealing 20% of Damage Dealt (Self)
- While Hit Count is over 300, Rush Combo Damage +30% (Self)

[Talent 3 : Diligent Virtue]
- Will not flinch while attacking (Self)
- Damage Taken -30% (Self)
- ATK Damage Taken -20% (Self)
- While Stunned, Damage Taken -20% (All Enemies)

[Talent 4 : Gifted Knowledge]
- ATK +30% (Self)
- HP +20% (Self)

[Rush Combo : Wild Pitch | ATK x5500%]
- Recovers 30% HP (Self), Critical Rate +50% (All Allies / 20s)


• New Weapons Gacha (Radiata Stories Collab)
Start: 28 March, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 18 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- New Weapon Pickup Gacha (新武器ピックアップガチャ)
Increased rates for the Three New Weapons, which have Thunder Elemental Passives.

- Guaranteed New Weapon Gacha (新武器1本確定10連ガチャ)
TWICE per player, 10-pull Weapon Gacha which will guarantee at least one of the Three New Weapons.

- Step-Up Gacha (新武器1本確定3ステップ10連ガチャ)
Includes a total of 3 steps. Only 10-pulls, and upon reaching the 3rd Step, will guarantee any one of the Three Pickup Targets. Resets after 3rd Step. x1 [Kingdom’s Knights Coin] will be given as bonus for each step, and they are to be used in it’s respective Coin Exchange:

The Coin Exchange includes Hammers to Limit Break the new Gacha Weapons.

—— Pickup Targets ——

※ Note that these Weapons will only be added to the Permanent & Ticket Banners on 4 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT
※ All Three of these Weapons have 3 Slots Each for Gears to be equipped.

[ Ancient Edge : Axe ]
- Adds Thunder Element to attacks
- While Hit Count is over 100, ATK Damage Dealt +40%
- (LB5) ATK Damage Taken +15% (All Enemies)

[ Arbitrator : One-Hand Sword ]
- Adds Thunder Element to Attacks & Thunder Elemental Damage +40%
- 80% chance to survive a fatal blow while HP is over 20%
- (LB5) While Stunned, ATK and INT Damage Taken +30% (All Enemies)

[ Disharge Vulcan : Launcher ]
- Adds Thunder Element to attacks
- Rush Combo Damage +30%
- (LB3) Absorbs 10% of Damage Dealt through Normal Attacks.

- 2019/3/28 Gacha Thread | Radiata Stories Collab Chara - Jack, Ridley / Collab Gacha Weapons with Thunder Elemental Passives

- Sophia Esteed Awakening

- April 2019 Supremacy Event, Michael

- Version 2.7.0 Changelog (+ Stamp Reprint)


Upper Floors of Ruins of Trials, “Fortress of Consecutive Hits (Revival)" is out (Floors 16 ~ 20).
- All enemies automatically have DEF Up buff active, but by reaching a certain number of consecutive hits, that buff will deactivate temporarily (cancelled if it stops accumulating), allowing you to deal more damage. Characters with high hit count Battle Skills are recommended. Only difference will be the enemies you fight against.

Consecutive Hits threshold for DEF buff deactivation:
- Floors 16 : 100 Hits
- Floors 17 : 120 Hits
- Floors 18 ~ 20 : 150 Hits

Duration: 28 March, 2019 (Thu) 14:00 JST ~ 18 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT


• Radiata Stories Collab Event「The Dragon & The Knight: Fantasy」
Start: 28 March, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 18 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- Uses Item Exchange, with the required [Enlistment Notice] to be earned in the Event Stages.
- There is an additional stage at 30 AP which requires a Vanish Bomb, and awards 100 Gems as it’s First Clear Reward. They can be attained through various events.

—— Event Accessory ——

[ Event Accessory : Hawk’s Crest ]
- While HP is at 100%, will not flinch
- While HP is at 100%, Critical Rate +15%

—— Event Weapons ——

[ Ridley’s Axe : Knight Axe (JFT Co.) ]
- Damage of Swinging Beat +20%
- Critical Damage +30%
- (LB5) While Attacking, INT Damage Taken -15%

[ Jack’s One-Hand Sword : Iron Edge (Unilogrin Co.) ]
- Damage of Beastlord Thrust +20%
- AP Recovery through Normal Attack +30%
- (LB5) While HP is at 100%, Damage Dealt +15%

※ Each of these Weapons have 1 Slot
※ Orange Hammers in the Coin Exchange are required to Limit Break the Event Weapons

—— Character Drop Bonus ——

[Drop Bonus Characters]
- Jack Russell
- Ridley Silverlake

Just by having these characters in their character inventory, players will receive drop bonuses based on how many of them they have.
If the player has one of these characters, they will receive a +1 Bonus Drop, while if they have 2, they will receive a +2 Bonus Drop. Drop Bonuses are capped at +2.

Do note that players do not need to have them in the party for these bonuses to apply.

In Multiplayer, only those who possess the characters will have the drop bonuses.
The game will not tell you if other players have these characters.

—— Event Boss: Chieftain-Grade Allocen ——

< Weakness >
Thunder Element.

< Race >

< Status Ailments >
Susceptible to Freeze, Poison, Paralysis.

< Key Details >
Able to inflict Curse with some attacks.
Uses “Curse Eightball“ to fire off several orbs across the center of the map. Also uses ”Carnage Pain” to fire off Curse-inflicting orbs.

※ Party starts with Fire Elemental Resistance -80%
※ Enrage Timer: 7 min

—— Event Achievements ——

- Clear Event Beginner (4 Sta) Stage 1 time
x1000 [Enlistment Notice]

- Clear Event Intermediate (10 Sta) Stage 1 time
x1500 [Enlistment Notice]

- Clear Event Advanced (20 Sta) Stage 1 time
x2000 [Enlistment Notice]

- Clear Event Super (30 Sta) Stage 1 time
x1 Hawk’s Crest

- Clear Event Hell (40 Sta) Stage 1 time
x1 4* Weapon Ticket

- Clear Event Hell (40 Sta) Stage 10 times
x5 Limit Breaker S

- Clear Event Hell (40 Sta) Stage 20 times
x10 Limit Breaker S

- Clear Event Prison (40 Sta) Stage 40 times
x15 Limit Breaker S

- Clear Story Mission, “[Navigation Log] Sister and Brother?” 1 time
x1 Jack Stamp, “Alright!"

- Clear Story Mission, “[Navigation Log] Female Knight Disussion” 1 time
x1 Ridley Stamp, “That's natural for a knight"

- [Daily Achievement ~ 4 April] Obtain 700 Enlistment Notice
x3 Limit Breaker S


• Event Reprint, Dimension Beast
Start: 28 March, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 11 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- Boss: Dimension Beast
Beast Race. Weak to Wind Element. Highly Susceptible to Freeze, Poison is somewhat effective, but loses it’s effectivity the higher the difficulty. Uses an attack called “Jump Buster Breath” in which he jumps into the air and uses a strong breath attack. Fighting at Close Distance will lower it’s usage of that attack. If you’re great a distance from it, it may use a charge attack to rush you, so be careful. Goes berserk in 7 min.
- Coin Exchange which uses Eternity Coins does not reset.
- Able to also earn Reprint Coins.

- Eternity Coin Exchange
- Eternity Coin (Destruction) Exchange


• Event Reprint, Ancient Guardian
Start: 28 March, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 11 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- Boss: Ancient Guardian (50AP & 60 AP)
Demon Race. Weak to Fire Element. Poison is somewhat effective. Tends to characters who are at long distances, thus having a Defender to take it’s aggro will come in handy. Uses strong ranged attacks such as “Charge Attack” and “Spin Rodeo”, but has a small window of vulnerability afterwards.
※ In Destruction (50AP) & Extinction (60AP) Stage, Fire Elements are more effective, with elements outside of that dealing half damage. Weapons without Elemental effects will not be affected. Only Poison will be effective Also uses a massive AoE Attack, “Thunder Flare”, as well as a field attack, “Jamming Field“ which reduces your Rush Gauge. Goes enraged after 4 minutes.
- Coin Exchange which uses Metox Coins does not reset.
- Able to also earn Reprint Coins.

- Metox Coin Exchange

- Metox Coin (Destruction) Exchange

—— Collab Campaigns ——

• Limited Item Set「Radiata Stories Collab Set」
Start: 28 March, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 18 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- Limited Bundle available in the Item Shop
- Available ONCE per player
- Costs 7000 Gems

[Contents of Bundle]
- x1 5* Ace Character Ticket
- x1 5* Weapon Ticket
- x1 Magical Hammer
- x1 Welch’s Special Oil
- x2 Platinum Hammer
- x2 of Each Weapon Coin
- x50 Stamina Ticket (Full)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

• Bunny Mood Campaign
Start: 29 March, 2019 (Fri) 04:00 JST
End: 18 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- The Bunny’s Mood during Gear Refinement will be set to the Second Stage everyday. Raise it to the Third Stage by feeding it Carrots to increase your Bunny Chance rates and get better Gears!

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

• Enhancement Campaign
Start: 28 March, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 18 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- EXP Material (Rainbow) and Evo Material (Rainbow) Dungeons active!

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

• Gem Sale (Once per Person)
Available for 48 hours after Account Creation

- ¥3000 for 6000 Gems
- ¥4800 for 9600 Gems
- ¥9800 for 19 600 Gems

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

• Daily Affordable Gem Sale
Available Once Daily for 30 Days after Account Creation

- ¥120 for 500 Gems

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

• Beginner Support Campaign
Start: 28 March, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 25 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- Special Gifts for players who have just started the game after 28 March, 2019 (Thu) After MT. Inclusive of 1000 Gems, 300 000 000 FOL, 5* Ace Character/Weapon Tickets, Enhancement Materials etc.

• Stamp Reprint (First Batch)
Start: 28 March, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 25 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- Past Stamps will now be available once again within the Reprint Coin Exchange. Each Stamp will cost x3 Reprint Coins.
- Reprinted Stamps will be changed monthly. Next batch to arrive when this period ends (4/25). First Batch will no longer be available once the Second Batch rolls in.

—— Update Contents ——

Affection Level increased through Battle.
Character’s Affection Level can now be increased by bringing them into battles. How much it increases is proportional to the Stamina Cost for that Mission. This also applies when playing as Guest in Multiplayer.
Note that this does not apply to the Ruins of Trials as stamina is not consumed there.

The increase in Affection levels will only apply to characters brought in battle. Affection gained will be equally distributed amongst the characters brought.
As usual, bringing multi-variant characters will count them as only one character for this feature.

★ Increasing Affection through tapping Characters on Home Screen
You can slightly increase the Affection of a character by tapping them on the Home Screen. Note that there is a limit to how much the Affection level can be increased through Daily Taps which are shared amongst all characters.
This means if you use up all your Daily Taps for that day to increase Affection of one character, you will not be able to increase another character’s Affection with this feature.

※ Resets at 04:00 JST.
※ Characters with max Affection will not have it increase no matter how many times you tap on them, and they will also not consume the Daily Taps for that day.

★ Bonus Effects for Characters with “Like” Affection

The following Bonus Effects will occur for characters with “Like” Affection:
- Max AP +1
- Friendly Presents will be given by that character upon logging in. (details below)
- Increase Event Mission’s Item Drops by 1 Slot (details below)
- Recover Stamina by tapping on the “Stamina GET” Button on the Home Screen (details below)

As commemoration of this Affection Feature Update, a new item to increase Affection Levels「Love Potion Cask X」 will be distributed to all players from:
28 March, 2019 (Thu) After MT ~ 4 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT

Along with this update, the Friendship Gift Achievements that were previously held on a regular basis during events will no longer be held in future events.

★ Friendly Presents given by Characters with “Like” Affection
If a Character is at “Like“ Affection, they will appear on your Home Screen during your first login of the day to give you items.
The Character that will appear on your Home Screen will be selected at random out of all the characters you have with the “Like” Affection.
The amount of presents received can also be increased (by up to 3 times) depending on the amount of characters at “Like” Affection.

※ Resets at 04:00 JST.
※ There will be no Friendly Presents today (3/28). They will be given on your first login of the day from 29 March, 2019 (Fri) 04:00 JST onwards.

★ Increase Event Mission’s Item Drops by +1 Slot with Characters at “Like“ Affection
By setting a Character with the “Like” Affection as the leader (leftmost slot of the party) in Event Missions, an additional +1 Item Drop will be added.
Characters subject to this bonus will be marked with an icon in the Party Organization Screen.
This bonus will only apply once a day for that character, but if you swap them out for another character with “Like” Affection, you can attain the bonus again (up to 3 times total).

※ Resets at 04:00 JST.
※ Material Missions (EXP Items etc.) will not be eligible for this bonus.
※ When playing as a Guest in Multiplayer, you will still be eligible for this bonus, granted the character you are using is at “Like” Affection.

Recover Stamina by tapping on the “Stamina GET” Button on the Home Screen
By tapping on the Stamina GET Button displayed on the Home Screen, you will be able to recover Stamina. Stamina Recovery depends on the amount of Characters with “Like” Affection.
This button will only appear when you have at least one character with “Like” Affection, and can only be tapped once a day. If your Stamina is already full, you will not be able to tap on it.

※ Resets at 04:00 JST.

★ Store Non-Gacha Equipments in Temporary Storage
This option can be turned On/Off from the Settings. If set to “On”, Equipments attained from Mission Drops, Present Box, Deep Space, Item Exchange will be automatically stored in the Temporary Storage instead of your Inventory. This includes Hammers and Threads.

To turn on,
「その他 (Others)」→「設定 (Settings)」→「その他設定 (Other Settings)」→「ガチャ以外で入手した装備アイテムを一時保管庫に送る (Store Non-Gacha Equipments in Temporary Storage )」

★ Deep Space・Area List
By tapping on the newly added button「表示切替 (Change Display)」in Deep Space Exploration, a list of discovered Search Areas will be displayed. Tapping on these areas will scroll to it’s location and display a list of Search Missions available within that Area.

★ Banner Redirection Button on Home Screen
A button has been added beside the Scrolling Banners that are on the top left of the Home Screen.
Tapping on the button will redirect you to the respective banner being displayed (ie. Redirect to Event Mission Menu for Event Banners, and to Gacha Menu for Gacha Banners.)

※ Some banners will not have this button.
※ Tapping on the banners themselves will open up it’s notice. No change there.

—— Others ——

- Affection Level Gained will now be indicated on the Interactive Mode Screen/Icon
- Left-Handed Battle UI added to Battle Settings
- Able to check for Unattained Characters in the Character Encyclopaedia
- Adds a “Store in Equipment Storage” Button during the “Equipment Inventory is Full” Dialog, where you can also be redirected to the Equipment Storage.
- Bonus effects are now displayed in the Mission List in Deep Space.
- Able to sort by “Affection” Level
- Able to Sell Items directly from Equipment Storage

---End of facebook----

Love Potion Cask X 💕 so this is now tap and date...cough

looks like with the new Affection Level they are trying to make it more easy for players
without doing the grind for gifts.

Recover Stamina how it works it up to how the 'liked character' helps you on that one.

The Character that will appear on your Home Screen will be selected at random out of all the characters you have with the “Like” Affection.

if you have more then one character that like you might get a random character that are
in love with you...cough that has the like affection.
now I'm seeing all the characters that have that like affection fighting one another to be
on home screen lol 💖

boss is weakness to Thunder get that weapon ready or someone that has that element.
time for groom fate to shine.

Radiata Stories is here and and now we can tap and date that's a good update.
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