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SOA Crowe, Official Reimi, and Official Edge [GL]


So I was looking at the story they did change the story a bit.

What I did noticed is Fate personality is a bit different from his JP ver.

"Ha Ha, That's true" that what fate says win you want to bring faize in JP ver.
"Looks like we're going nowhere fast" Fate says in the English ver.

there small changes to the story nothing big but if you noticed fate personality he do laugh
sometimes and it shows big time win you start doing affection 💖 with him.

I don't know if that's how fate personality is in JP he is only showing that side to our character maybe this IS why the sophia fans got upset on JP side.
more info on that.

I like star ocean for the character not the romance they are trying to push into the game
the tap and date that is now the new affection system in JP that is a nice touch.
I wished they had added that long time ago without doing romance story with hints that no one is
talking about on twitter.

seriously I think the romance fans move on or they are too upset to even care anymore.

it was a bit of tense win they got the last idol girls and I have to ask idol guys win?

So this is what happens win I noticed a change in fate personality just a bit I think
of the past and the madness that come with it great.

as for Fed edge and Fed reimi they are both alright but they will be outclassed keep that in mind if you roll for them.

may the RNG be with you.

We did get something good out of this the future of

SRF フェイト and that is story for another time 🌸

win fate said that
"That's weird...Looks like I can't log out"

SOA is a online game and we the characters are just the game characters and the Star ocean cast is playing this as a MMO...that can work with SO3 ending... Hmmm to joke or not to joke 😆.

Welcome to "The World"
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