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SOA「NEWS コロ」#2 [JP]


【NEWSコロ第2回公開】 艦長~!第2回の「NEWSコロ」が公開になりましたよ! スターオーシャン新情報やフェスの続報をメインキャスターコロがお届けします! 皆さん、ぜひ見てくださいね! 動画はコチラ⇒ #アナムネシス #NEWSコロ

---From facebook---
[NEWS Coro #2]

— New Event —

Event Duration:
11 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT ~ 2 May, 2019 (Thu) 13:59 JST

Pickup Gacha Duration:
11 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT ~ 9 May, 2019 (Thu) After MT

—— New Playable Character : Ancient Star Tika ——

Role: Shooter (Ace)
Weapon Type: Gun
3D Model:

- Party buffs based on Hit Count
- Recover AP when using a specific Skill
- After using Rush Combo, resumes battle with Fixed Hit Count (similar to Bacchus)

—— New Playable Character : Ricardo ——

Role: Defender (Ace)
Weapon Type: Greatsword
3D Model:

- Self buffs & Enemy Damage Taken Up based on Hit Count
- ATK Damage Taken Reduced for Self and Shooters
- Additional Hit when using Skills

—— Star Ocean Festival 2019 ——

- Ticket Sales begin from 12 April 19:00 JST
- Star Ocean Radio (Business Trip Edition) will also be held.
- Star Ocean Program (Business Trip Edition) for new information will also held (possibly having some relation to the Radio Ocean broadcast)
- Merchandise

---End of facebook---

「NEWS コロ」#2 is now out this is what is coming to JP.

Star Ocean Festival 2019 tickets are starting to sell and get ready for SOAXSOA fes 2.

Tika and Ricardo are coming in good luck on pulling them I'm going to save for the voting
characters I want to see who they are.

may the RNG be with you.
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