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SOA new lines? [JP]


Fate has a new line O_O

If I'm reading this right...

"My mother is a scientist, but since I/we got married I was doing joint research with my father"

got on fate/フェイト gives me this gift 🌸💖

did a few battles gives fate/フェイト a affection gift and he says

fate/フェイト waving to us to come closer to him and then he nods at us looking very serious.
"My mother is a scientist, but since I/we got married I was doing joint research with my father"

after that

fate/フェイト blushes a lot and says
"The battle simulator was good today......I want to be with the captain more now" fate says

it was our 'フェイト' alright 💖 if anyone remembers this.
this is something GL will never get it to anyone who voted for groom fate that vote.

Koro said that groom fate blue rose was specially made by the Pangalactic Federation if you put groom fate on and talk to Koro but who in the federation would order groom fate blue rose??

who would be high enough to order something that expensive?? *cough*...fate's dad??
it said in SRF fate BIO that his dad was alive and that he come from a alt world...

SRF fate spent most of his time with Edge in the battle simulator they was very close you can
say that SRF fate is 'what if fate had a normal life?'.

is that the same with groom fate?? That his dad is also alive?? (theory)
if groom fate is the future fate of the original fate that we have...
that would make sense on why fate is saying that new dialogue. if you did the maxed out affection system with fate now you know why fate so warm and serious to us.

this is only fate I have not did any other affection with anyone else.

this feels more likely....

I can't get my alt account fate to say the new dialogue...T_T 😭
however...fate is saying the new dialogue a lot on my main account 💖 way to go main account.

Fate wave his hand in a jester like for us to come closer to him...

this feels like it's groom fate dialogue/talk.

wait...did they add this line for more fanservice?? so the friendship system is...
a romantic system???

more dialogue has been added I just saw this today win checking fate and he said this new line oh man they really pushing the fanservice out.

in this timeline fate dad is alive??...they did hint the alt SRF fate that his dad was alive it said that in his the timeline is...

romance it is I feel bad for the people who did this and has lot of lovers now.

if you did the affection system they added to SOA hopefully you picked
out the character you liked the most 💕

affection system now we know why they fight to give you gifts 💕

twitter is rather silent about this fans are I don't think anyone noticed the
new lines they added.

getting ready for SOAXSOA Fes 2 new event?
maybe this is a hint to the new event?? or this is pure fanservice.

I have not checked anyone else out yet just original fate so I'm not too sure if anyone
else has new line they might.

look at twitter one fateXsophia fan is now trying to protest about this. I see cliffXfate fans trying to ship them and I see cliffXalbel fans are now awaking up.

fan wars indeed all on twitter.

SO3 has many fans and so much drama going on.

I'm thinking they will changed this line from fate and make it different for GL.

now I know why fate and groom fate and srf fate are fighting over who get to be on
home screen I do get them randomly and random gifts from them.🌸
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