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SOA stream [GL]


"Captain! Another #STAROCEANANAMNESIS stream is coming your way on Apr. 19, 2019 at 2:00 PM PT! Join community managers Elytra and Nami as we share a sneak peek at what's coming next. We'll also complete multiplayer challenges to earn rewards for everyone, and raffle prizes! ✨"

Can we guess who we are getting for them to come on for GL?? Maybe a small update for GL to
what is coming.

I hope we can last until groom fate it out in GL.

need groom fate on gl.

stream is coming be ready for that and this is on twitch.

something...good is coming??

might be too soon for groom fate...T_T so maybe something to do with VP?...Sakura Taisen?
or a crossover if not it might be nothing.
Tags: #staroceananamnesis, anamnesis, english, gl, info, live stream, mobile game, mobile rpg, phone game, square enix, star ocean, star ocean anamnesis, star ocean na, tri-ace, twitch
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