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SOA Guilty Gear Collab [JP]


---From facebook---

• New Weapons Gacha (Guilty Gear Collab)
Start: 25 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 16 May, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- New Weapon Pickup Gacha (新武器ピックアップガチャ)
Increased rates for the Three New Weapons, which have Fire Elemental Passives.

- Guaranteed New Weapon Gacha (新武器1本確定10連ガチャ)
TWICE per player, 10-pull Weapon Gacha which will guarantee at least one of the Three New Weapons.

- Step-Up Gacha (新武器1本確定3ステップ10連ガチャ)
Includes a total of 3 steps. Only 10-pulls, and upon reaching the 3rd Step, will guarantee any one of the Three Pickup Targets. Resets after 3rd Step. x1 [Elphelt’s Marriage Application] will be given as bonus for each step, and they are to be used in it’s respective Coin Exchange:

The Coin Exchange includes Hammers to Limit Break the new Gacha Weapons.

—— Pickup Targets ——

※ Junkyard Dog (Flame) and Miss Confeel (Burst) will be completely removed from the gacha lineup on 16 May, 2019 (Thu) After MT.
※ Note that only Flame Catastrophe will be added to the Permanent & Ticket Banners on 16 May, 2019 (Thu) After MT.
※ All Three of these Weapons have 3 Slots Each for Gears to be equipped.

[ Junkyard Dog (Flame) : One-Hand Sword ]
- Adds Fire Element to Attacks / Fire Elemental Damage +40%
- While Hit Count is over 300, Rush Combo Damage +40%
- (LB5) While Attacking, will not flinch

[ Miss Confire (Burst) : Rifle ]
- Adds Fire Element to Attacks / Fire Elemental Damage +40%
- Absorbs 10% of Damage Dealt through Normal Attacks
- (LB5) While Skill Chain is at least 3, ATK Damage Dealt +50%

[ Flame Catastrophe : Axe ]
- Adds Fire Element to Attacks / Fire Elemental Damage +20%
- Ease of Stun +20%
- (LB3) While Attacking, INT Damage Taken -20%


• 5★ Awakened Character Pickup Gacha

Start: 25 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 2 May, 2019 (Thu) 13:59 JST

• Guilty Gear Collab Pickup Gacha (Sol / Elphelt)
Start: 25 April, 2019 (Thu) After MT
End: 16 May, 2019 (Thu) After MT

- Increased rates for the newly added Limited Collab Characters: Sol Badguy and Elphelt Valentine!
※ Sol and Elphelt will be completely removed from the pool from 16 May, 2019 (Thu) After MT onwards
※ Sol and Elphelt are not subject to Affection Feature.
※ Ancient Star Tika and Ricardo are not included in this lineup.

—— New Collab Character : Sol Badguy ——

Role: Attacker (Ace)
Weapon Type: One-Hand Sword

[Battle Skills]
- Gun Flame
- Volcanic Viper
- Bandit Bringer
- (6* Evo) Shatter

[Talent 1 : Wandering Bounty Hunter]
- ATK +20% / While Hit Count is over 150, ATK +50% (All Allies)
- While Charge Assaulting, Invalidates Criticals (Self)

[Talent 2 : Unique Martial Arts]
- While Skill Chain is at 3 | 5, Critical Rate +50% | +100% (Self)
- While Skill Chain is at least 6, Critical Damage +100% (Self)

[Talent 3 : Former Holy Knight]
- AP Recovery through Normal Attack +200% (Self)
- Allows Midair Evasion (Self)
- While Hit Count is over 200, ATK +20% (Self)

[Talent 4 : 『GEAR』]
- ATK +20%, AP +40 (Self)
- Movement Speed +30% (Self)
- When using Volcanic Viper, Damage Taken -100% (Self / 0.5s)

[Rush Combo : Tyrant Rave ver. β | ATK x5000%]
- Effect: Begins Hit Count at 75 (All Allies) & AP Consumption -80% (Self / 10s)

—— New Collab Character : Elphelt Valentine ——

Role: Shooter (Ace)
Weapon Type: Rifle

[Battle Skills]
- Pineberry
- Capsule Scatter (Wedding)
- Spread Ray (Wedding)
- (6* Evo) Reload & Snipe

[Talent 1 : Personification of Femininity]
- Damage Dealt +35% (All Allies)
- Hit Counter +1s (All Allies)
- While Hit Count is over 100 | 250, Damage Dealt +55% | +75% (All Allies)

[Talent 2 : Neverending Delusions]
- While attacking, will not flinch & Damage Taken -20%(Self)
- While Skill Chain is at least 3, will not flinch & Damage Taken -50% (All Allies)

[Talent 3 : Dilemma of Love]
- Upon a Perfect Evasion, All Allies recover 15% HP every 3 seconds (Self / 20s)

[Talent 4 : 『Valentine』]
- AP Recovery Speed +100% (Self)
- Evasion Distance & Speed +100% (Self)
- When Evading, Damage Taken -100% (Self / 0.5s)

[Rush Combo : Magnum Wedding | ATK x4500%]
- AP Consumption -50% (All Allies / 20s)

Reimi Awakening

----End of facebook---

I did not roll for the characters but I did roll for the weapons the fire sword was a win.

[ Junkyard Dog (Flame) : One-Hand Sword ]
- Adds Fire Element to Attacks / Fire Elemental Damage +40%
- While Hit Count is over 300, Rush Combo Damage +40%
- (LB5) While Attacking, will not flinch.

that sword is a good upgrade for a fire sword for all sword users.

I almost want to put this weapon on fate since he has Fire/Light (Self).

people was saying this was a good sword for sword users if you do use sword users.
this sword might work on groom fate also and srf fate if you have them for a defender.

I can see why they added fate to this event story he has fire/light to (self).

I'm using the wind sword on both fate and groom fate for wind and healing it's that good if you
stack healing you don't need a healer.
I'm talking about bunny maria sword that one.

I have not used rena for heals for a long long long time she collecting dust.

on both accounts that's sad even after rena got her awakening.
the people I saw using the Junkyard Dog (Flame) sword ranged between, edge, roddick,
groom fate, srf fate, but no fidel on rentals characters.

BSclaude and BSrena are still being up for rentals but I'm seeing a slow comeback of groom fate
with the Junkyard Dog (Flame) sword and I'm seeing less of srf fate hmmm....maybe it's nothing.

I think I seen like 1-3 srf fate so far the rest was groom fate for the fate rental.

Groom fate is more liked then srf fate everything srf fate says something
all I'm thinking is 'edge'...'edge'...'ugh'...srf fate personality is so much edge you think
srf fate is edge and srf fate works good with groom fate for defenders.

(if you read srf fate BIO he was around edge 100% of the time so they was together a lot now you
know why srf fate sounds like edge half the time it also says in srf fate BIO that his dad
is alive and srf fate is with edge...*cough* you can say srf fate is from a alt world)

groom fate is different groom fate loves flowers and blue roses groom fate is the opposite of what fate is but groom fate has this serious side to him one of the quotes from
groom fate is "The flower language of blue rose is love in all worlds"

I think that's is why people like groom fate over srf fate it just groom fate is more loved.
it's more funny if you put them on auto-battle you can see how much fate and groom fate go at it
groom fate wants to talk about flowers and blue roses and fate is like 'you are not me' lol.

fate wants to do VR games all day groom fate want to love blue roses and srf fate wants to act like edge...the only time you can pull fate away from VR games if you max out
affection level with fate that will pull fate away from his VR games and to you.

srf fate fall asleep in class not studying that much and srf fate is around edge and sounds like edge srf fate also wants to draw on Shimada face with graffiti uh...srf fate is not that smart kind of like if you are a srf fate fan more power to you.

it like having cherry maria argue with swimsuit maria and bridal maria about doing something copies with different personalities.

I'll post pics about my weapons later.

May the RNG be with you if you try for the weapons.
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